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The damning message from Bronson that shows he may have had an ulterior motive for MAFS.

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Despite it becoming apparent within about 30 minutes of meeting his bride that things weren’t going to… work, Bronson Norrish appeared to be on Married At First Sight to find love.

But a Facebook Messenger exchange shared by a former MAFS participant seems to suggest that Bronson had an ulterior motive for going on the Channel Nine reality TV show.

Pink-loving American Scarlett Cooper, who appeared on season four of the series, put a screenshot of messages on her Instagram Stories this week, which she said are between Bronson and a woman he dumped right before entering the experiment.

And oh, it’s pretty damning.

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After a woman takes the news that he’s ending their budding relationship to go on reality TV rather well, we have to say, she wished him luck finding someone on the show.


Bronson allegedly replied: “Not doing it for meeting someone. Just the publicity for my boats. #cheeky. And yes I know I am definitely missing out on someone great here.”

Yep, the 35-year-old stripper seemed to say he was only on the series to promote his business, Party Boat Charters.

“Not his ex. Another victim of Bronson. Will the real Bronson please stand up,” Scarlett captioned the image.

Awkward. Image: Instagram

Mamamia has reached out to Bronson for comment.

Of course, if it's true, Bronson wouldn't be the only dating show contestant to be participating for a reason other than love.

Whether it's a side business, Instagram followers or ice-cream machine promotion (cough, Justin) - we know many participants are hoping to get a little something extra out of their on-screen appearances.

It perhaps does make Bronson's treatment on the show - which, was in a word, awful - just a little bit easier to take, though.

The Perth-based entrepreneur left the show on Sunday night, along with his wife Ines Basic, and the man she'd had an "affair" with, Sam Ball, and his TV wife Elizabeth.

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