Parents with Maddie Ziegler obsessed kids: Here's what you need to know about her Aussie tour.

Maddie Ziegler may be gone from our TV screens, but she’s definitely not forgotten.

The former Dance Moms star is bringing her moves to Australia with a national tour from June 30.

But she won’t be coming alone. And to be fair, she couldn’t even if she wanted to – the girl is only 15. She’s bringing her younger sister, Mackenzie, 13, along with her.

Imparting their youthful wisdom on their Ziegler Girls 2018 tour, Maddie and Mackenzie will be holding dance classes, meet and greets, and answering any questions their fans throw at them.

Maddie was the standout star on Dance Moms, and the favourite of dance coach Abby Lee Miller, 51.

She’s also starred in several of Sia’s music videos.

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The sisters announced their tour with a post on Instagram.

“Hey Australia and New Zealand – we are so excited to tell you guys that we are coming down to see you all in July,” they said.

“You’ll be able to dance with us, take part in our workshop, ask us questions and of course we will get to meet you all.”

You can check out their website, maddiemackenzietour.com for more details.