Dance Moms star Mackenzie Ziegler is being sued at just 13 years old.

Dance Moms star Mackenzie Ziegler and her mother Melissa Gisoni are reportedly being sued for breaching a contract.

According to TMZ, 13-year-old Ziegler is being chased by Kismet Music over a 2014 deal. The celebrity news website reports court documents allege Ziegler breached her deal with Kismet after working with a producer “on the side”.

The production company alleges Ziegler began to skip record sessions and became almost impossible to contact, breaching the contract’s terms of exclusivity that dictated the 13-year-old was not allowed to work with any other music producer apart from ones employed by the company.

TMZ reports court documents state that Mackenzie agreed to “deliver technically and commercially satisfactory records”, with Kismet believed to be suing for 15 per cent of Ziegler’s net profits under the deal.

Ziegler’s team have responded to the “frivolous ” lawsuit, saying it’s one they “intend to prove in a court of law”.

“This is yet another example of a production company taking advantage of a young rising star,” they said in a statement.

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