Little Maddie Ziegler from Chandelier is all grown up.

In the last two years, Maddie Ziegler has become something of a pop culture icon. At just 11, she starred in Sia’s music video for ‘Chandelier’, wearing a skin-coloured leotard and a choppy blonde wig. Ziegler has since danced in a number of Sia’s videos, which together have accrued more than two billion views on Youtube.

But she wasn’t exactly your typical 11-year-old when she got her ‘break’. She was one of the young dancers on the popular reality show Dance Moms, which she joined at eight.

Now, she’s 13, and she doesn’t look anything like she did in 2014 as Sia’s dancer. Ziegler has joined the latest season of So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation, and with how much she’s grown up in two years, she makes us all feel a billion years old.

had so much fun at the teen choice awards!!! ????

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Without the blonde wig and leotard, she looks like an entirely different person.

 Ziegler recently appeared on the cover of Seventeen magazine, much to the excitement of her fans, and she’s attended several teen award shows looking bloody glamorous.

She also has an acting and modelling career, and is expecting to make her big screen debut in 2017 with The Book of Henry. Oh, and she’s also planning on releasing her memoir in 2017, titled The Maddie Diaries. 



It would be so short…

Whatever. I’d probably read it. Now excuse me while I contemplate what I’ve achieved in the last two years, compared to Maddie Ziegler.