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The Stan Original Dating Series Love Triangle is building to an unprecedented twist.

The opening episodes of the Stan Original Dating Series Love Triangle season two have it all.

Moments to groan at.

Moments to laugh, both at and with those on screen.

And moments where, unless you have a heart of stone, you'll get a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Season one of the series, from the producers of Married At First Sight, arrived a year ago and it has now returned for season two with a few tweaks. 

Firstly, there's the introduction of a narrator — MAFS alumni Ella May Ding in her first narrating role — and a promised huge twist.

The premise of the show is to help singles establish connections, sight unseen, via only messages and phone calls. The suiters are each paired with two matches, and after talking with them for a few days, they select one person to move in with to build on the connection.

Until their second choice comes knocking, of course.

Take a look at the trailer for the Stan Original Dating Series Love Triangle season two. 

This year, the six chosen singles are former footy player Alan, model Jacinta, comedian Nellie, business owner Sam, social worker Sulei and content creator Tamera. 

From the opening moments, you'll recognise that the casting is going to make for great entertainment.

It has all the makers of a good reality show, like a pretty obvious early villain (Sam), who is horrified at the prospect of dating someone outside of their 20s, and the fun, wholesome character (Nellie), who you'll instantly find yourself not only rooting for, but wanting to become mates with.


But for all its familiarity, Love Triangle season two also feels fresh. It seems more in line with what dating in 2023 is *actually* like, and is seamlessly representative of race and sexuality in a way we still don't regularly see on Aussie screens.

Ding told Mamamia she was surprised by how accurately the show portrayed the dating experience these days - from the good, like the candid and open way Jacinta speaks about dating as a pansexual woman, to the bad, like, well, Sam in episode one.

"We can all sit there and be like, 'I've met one of them, I know that type'," she said.

Then there's the accuracy of the central premise: the triangle.

"Someone actually asked me the other day, 'Well, have you been in a triangle? And I was like, 'Probably, without even knowing'," she said. "Yes, I was probably with a guy who was also with other women and I didn't even know. It is the world that we live in. And it's scary."

Mamamia spoke to the six contestants before they had seen an episode of their journey, and they all spoke to the way the seven-week crash course in dating changed them.

"I went into it being like, I'm pretty in touch with my emotions, I can regulate them really well... and then on the third day I'm just sobbing in a cafe," Nellie said.

"You think you know yourself, and anyone who watches or even reads articles, they think about themselves in this position. They think 'how would I go? I'd be fine, I wouldn't say this, I'd do this', but then you go in with the same idea and then you have to confront a lot of intense things about yourself that you didn't know."


Ding obviously has experience as a reality TV contestant, so she's familiar with how crazy things can get. But even MAFS, with its toothbrushes in toilets, has to adhere to standards and TV codes of practice.

On streaming, anything goes.

So the promise of a huge twist — which everyone in the know is keeping very close to their chest — is very intriguing. No amount of probing would get anyone to spill the beans, but whatever it is, it is being sold as a game changer.

Ding told Mamamia she read details of the twist in real-time while working through her narration scripts, and was shocked.

"It's totally different to how last year was, this time you can't predict what's going to happen," she said. "I'm trying to think of myself in that situation and it would be very testing. For everyone. I don't even know if I could do it."

Considering the things that went down on Ding's MAFS season, this is a pretty big call. Thankfully, the early signs from Love Triangle season two show it is well worth tuning in to watch them clear it.

Love Triangle season two is streaming now, with new episodes weekly on Thursdays, only on Stan.

Feature image: Stan.

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