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New Stan Original Dating Series Love Triangle is your next reality TV obsession.

If you're looking for something to fill the MAFS-shaped hole in your life, you're in luck. 

The first two episodes of the Stan Original Dating Series Love Triangle are now streaming, with a brand new episode dropping on Stan each Thursday. 

From the producers of Married At First Sight, Love Triangle is everything you love about Australian reality TV but with even more drama, plot twists and unexpected heartfelt moments. 

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The eight episode series challenges a group of singles to choose a partner, sight unseen, and then immediately move in with them. 

Then it hits them with a massive twist they'll never see coming. 

The series begins with six singles from all across Australia, from different walks of life and backgrounds.  

There's Kyle, a 30-year-old electrician from Queensland, a sweet guy with not a lot of confidence in his ability to find love. Lisa, a 32-year-old from Western Australia who works in accounts receivable, dabbles in a bit of woo woo and isn't afraid to, uh, self love on national TV. Sports lawyer Yannick from NSW is sure to bring a bit of drama to the show. Born in Australia with a Sri Lankan, Portuguese and French background, Yannick describes himself as a ‘walking Tinder’, because, you know, he never has a problem finding a date. 

Yannick 'the walking Tinder'. Image: Stan. 


Maddie is a 30-year-old events manager from Victoria who is sick of being the life of the party and is ready to settle down... immediately. Alex, a 31-year-old technology specialist from Victoria, is single for the first time in 10 years after his first marriage ended and wants to make sure he finds the perfect match. And finally, there's Ly, an Australian-born Vietnamese counsellor from Victoria who wants to step out of her comfort zone and date outside of her type.

In the first episode, the six singles are each introduced to two potential partners. They then spend some time texting and calling their matches, while getting to know them. But just like the audience, the singles don't get to see what their potential partners look like until they choose one of them to go on the Love Triangle journey with them and meet up for their first date. 


These first dates deliver some of the funniest and most cringe-worthy moments in reality TV history, with some singles immediately realising they made a terrible mistake and others being pleasantly surprised. 

It's during this first date that we see whether they're attracted to each other. And if they aren't, can they overcome a lack of sexual chemistry and build a genuine connection? 

After the first dates, the couples move in together and that's when they're hit with the big twist. 

Over the eight episode series, the couples will face unexpected challenges and be forced to ask themselves what they really value and what they really want out of a partner. 

Lisa brings a lot of humour to the show. Image: Stan. 


Of course, there will also be plenty of drama, as the couples meet up and provide commentary on each other's relationships. 

What Love Triangle does so well is introduce the audience to a bunch of singles who are so down-to-earth and unique that they'll immediately fall in love with them and want to follow them on their quest to find the one. 

Each single brings something different to the table and they're not afraid to embarrass themselves on TV or make tough decisions in order to find love. Just in the first episode, a single spends the night with her vibrator after a flirty text session with one of her matches and another contestant realises she might be a... hypocrite. 

Love Triangle goes where other dating shows have been too afraid to go and it's guaranteed to be your next reality TV obsession. 

The first two episodes of the Stan Original Dating Series Love Triangle are now streaming, with a brand new episode dropping on Stan every Thursday.