Sam Armytage just ripped into Karl Stefanovic. So what the heck is going on?

The Sunrise and Today show teams’ breakfast TV rivalry is well-known. They are, of course, competing for the same audience.

But most of the time their on-screen “feuds” have been in good jest and duos Sam Armytage and David Koch, and Karl Stefanovic and now Georgie Gardner are reportedly more like friends than enemies.

Which is why we were a little bit surprised this week to see their innocuous exchanges seemingly slip to the slightly more serious side.

Let’s make Australia great again….????????

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It all started with the Logies relocation from Melbourne to the Gold Coast.

When it was first announced in September that Australia’s TV industry awards would be leaving Victoria’s capital, Karl threatened to boycott but has since shifted his stance.

In fact, now he’s so behind the Logies (which just so happen to be broadcast by his employer Channel Nine) he was upset to find out many of Channel Seven’s big names, including its Sunrise hosts, weren’t attending.

That news came earlier this week via The Daily Telegraph’s Confidential, which confirmed that Sam and Kochie, along with Morning Show hosts Kylie Gillies and Larry Emdur would not attend TV’s night of nights. A spokesperson told the newspaper that only nominees and a handful of others would attend.

But perhaps it was this quote from an “insider” that ticked off Karl: “The network has contempt for a Nine-biased event being run from a magazine no one reads and (feels) the awards themselves lack relevance in 2018.”

On air on Wednesday morning, Karl began by slamming Hugo Weaving for calling the Logies a “promotional tool for the TV channels themselves” and announcing he would not attend, despite being nominated for an award.

“So you aren’t coming to the Logies? No worries. You don’t want to thank a producer, a camera operator, or someone who paid for your show to be made, paid your wage, Hugo?”


Then he moved onto Sunrise, saying, “I hear our opposition isn’t coming either this year.”

“What, they’re too good to support the local industry? To support their own network colleagues who have been lucky enough to be nominated for their hard work?

“Well, we don’t want you there anyway. You’re all boring. Except for Grant Denyer, I quite like him.”

The comments struck a nerve with Sunrise producer Michael Pell who later that day tweeted out an explanation as to why Channel Seven personalities weren’t attending – and called Karl a hypocrite in the process.

“The exercise is simply too costly for us in 2018. Responsible budget management = supporting local industry.”


He also took issue with Karl’s insistence the awards night was about supporting the crew working behind the scenes to produce shows as much as the on-screen talent.


Meanwhile, Samantha Armytage had a comeback for Karl’s “boring” insult.

The Logies will be held on Sunday, July 1. Let’s see if tensions have simmered down by then.

What do you think? Is this breakfast TV fight more serious than normal or is it all in good fun?