“I said NOTHING of the sort": Sam Armytage responds to suggestions she's a Trump supporter.

Sunrise presenter Samantha Armytage has responded to an infuriating article in the Daily Mail about her column in The Daily Telegraph’s Stellar Magazine.

The 41-year-old accused the tabloid publication of using her image and name in “an attempt to get clicks” and called for “smart people” to boycott the “crappy website” altogether.

The headline read, “‘It’s actually getting a bit boring;’ Sunrise’s Samantha Armytage weighs in on the media mocking US President Donald Trump… after she clashed with Kathy Griffin over THAT photo,” and accused her of being apathetic and bored by the constant, negative criticisms of US President Donald Trump.

The publication also referenced Armytage’s clash with American comedian and actress, Kathy Griffin last year, in which Armytage criticised Griffin for going “a little bit over the line” when she took a picture of herself holding a mock severed head of Trump. Griffin retaliated, and said that Armytage was “full of crap”.

“Stop acting like my little picture is more important than talking about the actual atrocities that the President of the United States is committing,” Griffin said at the time.

Day 1; Tower Bridge!????

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Despite the curiously worded Daily Mail article and headline, the crux of Armytage’s column wasn’t one of political apathy.

While she does write the words, “It’s actually getting boring to bag the man these days,” it was in reference to the need for better leaders.

“It got me thinking about our present world leaders. Sure, they are all still seriously flawed and ego-driven and waging wars… But where’s the brilliance? And Obama aside, where are all the great orators?” she wrote.

This isn’t the first time Armytage has publicly rallied against the Daily Mail.

Earlier this year she retorted against claims that there were “on-air tensions” between her and co-host Edwina Bartholomew, and in 2016 she threatened the publication with a defamation lawsuit after publishing a story with the headline of “Samantha Armytage’s giant granny panties show a visible line”.

Do you regularly read Samantha Armytage’s Stellar Magazine column? What do you think of this controversy?