MAFS' Lizzie Sobinoff had two controversial exes before meeting her husband.

Lizzie Sobinoff first entered our hearts, minds, and TV screens on the 2019 season of Married at First Sight.

Four years on, Lizzie is now married and has just had her first baby, a daughter with husband Alex Vega.

No more toaster pizza for this new mamma! (If you know, you know.

The daughter's name is yet to be disclosed, but she was born on November 8, 2023. Lizzie shared a photo with her precious newborn and Alex, which she captioned: "I have never been happier. My everything. A love so strong. Pure bliss."

In another post, she wrote "She is absolute perfection to me. She is everything to me. I’m so in love with our daughter. Words cannot express my love for her."

Lizzie Sobinoff and her husband Alex Vega with their newborn Image: Instagram/@lizalizzieelizabeth. 


In May, Lizzie confirmed to her followers she was pregnant with her first child. The news came four months after her beachside wedding to Alex in January. The MAFS star started dating the engineer in late 2021, but kept his identity a secret for months before hard-launching their relationship in April 2022. The couple got engaged in August. 

Reality TV fans will most know Lizzie for her stint on season six of MAFS where she was paired up with a controversial groom, Sam Ball. The contestant made several body-shaming comments about Lizzie, before starting an affair with Ines Basic during the experiment. 

Ball has since expressed regret for his comments. "I'm ashamed by the way I behaved and, to be honest, embarrassed for all of us by what I've seen on the show," he told Confidential in 2019.

"I really am absolutely sorry for the choice of words I used in the show. I know my actions would have offended almost every woman in the country and I had my time again, I would have done it differently."

Given that Lizzie didn't exactly get what she came for on MAFS, she was offered a second chance on the following season, where she was paired up with Seb Guilhaus. The faux-married couple hit it off, ending the experiment together, and they dated for almost a year.  

The couple confirmed in January 2021 they had broken up. "We have mutually decided to end our relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend," they announced in a joint Instagram post. 


Lizzie Sobinoff and Seb Guilhaus on MAFS. Image: Channel 9.

Awkwardly, the couple had actually broken up before the Married at First Sight grand reunion special which was filmed in early 2021. 

“When Seb and I announced that we weren’t in a romantic relationship anymore, it was really sh*t because the reunion was coming up and that was hard,” she said on The Good Chat with Anita Anabel podcast.  


Guilhaus spoke out about the demise of their relationship, maintaining the two were still friends. "I'm single because although Liz and I loved each other very much, we did have our issues and it was better we separate as close friends than push something we knew wouldn't work at this point in time," Seb told Adelaide Now in 2021. 

In recent months, Seb has found himself in hot water. In August, $90,000 worth of methamphetamine was discovered by police in his home in South Australia.  

Another fractious relationship that Lizzie has had to navigate over the years has been with former bestie, Cyrell Paule. Lizzie and Cyrell became fast friends on the 2019 season as two of the more outspoken women, who were often pitted against divisive trio Martha Kalifatidis, Jessika Power and Ines.  

Lizzie Sobinoff and Cyrell Paule. Instagram/@lizalizzieelizabeth. 


At first, as the season began airing, they still seemed to be firm friends, with rumours the two could get their own spin-off reality show. However, a few months later, Cyrell called her former bestie "toxic" and "two-faced" in an interview with NW magazine. 

In response, Lizzie wrote a cryptic message on Instagram. "To the person with my name in their mouth. You hurt me," she wrote. "I do want the best for you and hope all your insecurities leave you and you find better ways of showing your emotions." Yikes. 

But thankfully, they seemed to have patched things up by the 2021 grand reunion. "You're still my girl, are you okay?" Lizzie said as she comforted Cyrell following a screaming match with Jessika. 

And things have come full circle for our fave MAFS duo, with Cyrell commenting on Lizzie's baby news: "Congratulations Liz, best feeling in the world seeing bubba for the first time," she wrote.

"You both will be such amazing parents!!!" 

Feature image: Instagram/@lizalizzieelizabeth.

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