Martha Kalifatidis gets brutally honest about why you haven't seen her on Instagram.

Martha Kalifatidis is known for many things: her iconic stint on Married At First Sight, her enviable style and business sense, her 700k strong Instagram following, and more recently, for becoming a new mum

In February, the content creator welcomed her son, Lucius, into the world — her first child with fiancé Michael Brunelli, who she met through season six of MAFS

Since giving birth, Martha has slowly returned to Instagram, but in a recent Instagram Story, she said Michael noticed her posting habits had changed since motherhood. 

"He said, 'You never post organic raw stuff, your real life. Everything is so curated and you don't post the way you used to,'" Michael told Martha, which was a sentiment she agreed with.

"I actually don't. It's true," she admitted. Martha said that part of the reason she posts less is out of fear she'll offend someone. "It's kind of sad, because I miss this place and I miss talking to you guys," she added.

But the other reason is that she's still navigating what her followers want to see from her now that she's a mother. 

"I feel like no one cares now that I'm a mum. I feel like no one cares about you — just shut up and be a mum. Is that the dumbest mentality? I feel like it is," she said.

"It's just what I think. I feel like people are over you, like eww. No one cares. You're not cool." 


Martha then questioned why she would make that assumption about how people would perceive her as a mum when she doesn't feel the same about her friends with children. 

"I would never say that about my friends, and yet I say that about myself. We are f**ked up as a human species. Why are we so horrible about ourselves? I'm going deep, I'm unpacking – I needed this!" 

The Celebrity Apprentice contestant went on to say that she's still working out what she wants to share on Instagram. 

"All I want to talk about is my baby. Does anyone care? Probably not as many people as I think. Like yes, he's f**king cute but is that all you want to see from me? What do you want from me?" she laughed.

We've reached out to Martha for further comment. 

Martha and Michael met on the 2019 season of Married at First Sight. After the show, Michael moved to live with Martha in Sydney and the couple got engaged in December 2021. 

They are currently living in Melbourne with family but plan to relocate back to Sydney soon. "It would be good if it was this year, but we're just trying to see how we go," Martha told 9Entertainment

"I love living on the beach, it's like therapy for me. I feel like I'm a better person in Bondi."  

Feature image: Instagram/@martha__k.