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Smashed fruit bowls and aggressive teeth brushing: The most memorable moments from Married at First Sight.


We’re just days away from the premiere of this year’s season of Married At First Sight and we all know what that means: it’s time to spend hours reminiscing over the very best moments from seasons gone by.

Over the past few years, Married At First Sight has been the reality show that has always promised us endless drama.

And boy, have they delivered.

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Glasses of wine have been flung. Countless fights have been had. Fruit bowls have been broken. Raps have been sung. A number of wives stole other people’s husbands.

It’s been… a lot. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As we prepare to watch a whole bunch of new brides and grooms join the social experiment, let’s take a look back at the very best moments from Married At First Sight.

8. When Lizzie put pizza in a toaster.

Not long after Elizabeth married Sam on the last season of Married At First Sight, Sam promptly abandoned Elizabeth to go to a funeral.

Stuck alone in an apartment, Elizabeth… put some pizza in the toaster.

NO. Image: Channel 9.

7. When we watched a man lose his virginity on national television.

Ah, yes.

This was... weird.

At the beginning of the last season of Married At First Sight, we all watched 29-year-old virgin Matt become 29-year-old ex-virgin Matt.

To make matters even worse, Matt later admitted that he wasn't actually attracted to his 'wife' Lauren.

It was awkward. Image: Channel 9.

6. Every single facial expression that Lizzie ever made.


We need to take a moment to acknowledge every single facial expression Lizzie ever made on the last season of MAFS.

NEVER FORGET. Image: Channel 9.
MAFS Honeymoon Island
Seriously... Image: Channel 9.
They're... never ending. Image: Channel 9.

Thankfully, Lizzie is returning to our screens this season for a second chance at love.

5. Dean's infamous rap for Tracey.

Performing an amateur Drake-inspired rap to get back your ex is never a good idea.

Despite that, however, that's exactly what season five contestant Dean did.

After cheating on his wife Tracey with Davina, Dean tried to win back Tracey with a rap.

Just... no. Image: Channel 9

In case you've forgotten, here's the lyrics:

Hey yo Tracey, my little lady.

You drive me crazy.

I know after last week on the couch you probably hate me.

4. When Troy aggressively... brushed his teeth.

Hours before meeting his ~future wife~, Troy decided to brush his teeth.

But while it seemed like an entirely sensible decision, this happened:


Erm. Are you... okay?

Seriously, we're still a little worried for Troy's gums.

3. When Martha threw her wine on Cyrell.

At the final dinner party in the last season of Married At First Sight, a full blown argument broke out when Cyrell told Michael that he didn't have any balls when it came to Martha.

After hearing Cyrell talking about her, Martha went full Jerry Springer and poured her entire glass of wine on Cyrell's head, before Cyrell retaliated by throwing her wine on Martha's white dress.

Drama, pls. Image: Channel 9.

Ah, the memories.

2. The wife swap situation.

Married At First Sight is a show about strangers marrying strangers.


Somehow along the way, however, the show also became a hectic version of Wife Swap.

In season five, Davina and Dean cheated on their respective partners, Ryan and Tracey, when they met up for secret drinks.

In season six, Ines decided that she liked Elizabeth's husband Sam, leading the pair to meet up in a hotel room. Weirdly enough, it felt... staged.

Yes, this is how we feel too. Image: Channel 9.

Later on in the season, Jessika, who was 'married' to Mick on the show, set her sights on both Cyrell’s husband Nic and Tamara’s husband Dan at the same dinner party. Eventually, Jessika and Dan got together, leaving Tamara and Mick 'trapped' on the show.

1. When Cyrell smashed a fruit bowl.

The most memorable moment in Married At First Sight history? The fruit bowl incident, of course.

In case you've forgotten, here's the general gist: Martha told Nic that Jessika had told her that Nic rubbed her leg at a dinner party, which he denies ever happening. Cyrell, who, ahem, apparently hates gossip was not happy about the rumours being spread about her relationship, so confronted both women about it.

But it was at Martha's apartment (where she was relaxing in her dressing gown with a face mask) where it all bubbled over.


cyrell martha fight
Iconic. Image: Channel Nine
The evidence. (Side note: Does sweet potato really belong in a fruit bowl?) Image: Channel 9

Good times.

Feature Image: Channel 9.

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Married At First Sight premieres at 7.30pm on Monday February 3 on Channel 9.

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