Lizzie Sobinoff had a weird feeling postpartum. She found out there were bugs 'living inside' her.

We first met Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Vega-Sobinoff in 2019, after she appeared on Married At First Sight and subsequently won the hearts of the nation.

Four years on, she's living her best life with her husband Alex Vega and their newborn baby, who was born in November 2023.

But just recently the reality TV star gave fans a health update after spending the first few days of 2024 in the hospital and narrowly avoiding intensive care. She tells Mamamia she had a "flare-up of endometritis."

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Lizzie, who was hospital from Sunday until Thursday explained that after having a swab taken, it was found she had "two [types of] bacteria that are superbugs and [not] normally found together."

"They are known to cause sepsis [and] are called pseudomonas and klebsiella," the reality star continued. 

"They're treated by IV antibiotics and are resistant to oral antibiotics. My obstetrician had contacted the infectious disease unit which had told her I needed hospitalisation."


The mother-of-one clarified to Mamamia that her hospital stay was to ensure she had the "intravenous antibiotics needed to prevent the two [types of] bacteria from reaching my organs."

Last week Lizzie's told followers about her hospital stay after she "found out I had some very nasty bugs living in me from birth."

"I had an infection for all the duration of my postpartum and my results had come back from a swab that resulted in a phone call on Friday afternoon," she wrote, adding she was then required to stay in hospital for six days while on a "drip for antibiotics."

"The bugs I have could lead to [an] ICU stay if not treated and very scary consequences if they reach my organs," she continued.

"I should have [spoken] up earlier that things weren't right. I just didn't know what to expect postpartum."

Elizabeth Sobinoff shared she found bugs "living inside" her body. Image: Instagram @lizalizzieelizabeth.


Lizzie finished by telling her followers she was relieved to have gotten rid of whatever was inside her.

"Still, at least they found the bugs before something really bad could have happened to me," she said.

Despite the tough start to the year, it does look like she is on the mend and hopeful for what's to come in 2024, having given birth to a daughter in November 2023.

While Lizzie is still yet to disclose the name of her baby girl, she shared a faceless photo of her daughter following her birth in a post that she captioned: "I have never been happier. My everything. A love so strong. Pure bliss."

In another post, she wrote, "She is absolute perfection to me. She is everything to me. I’m so in love with our daughter. Words cannot express my love for her."


The father of Lizzie's baby is her husband Alexander Vega who she first publicly shared with the world in April 2022 and again in August 2022 to announce their engagement.

The MAFS alum shared she preferred not to disclose the identity of her now-husband, to avoid criticism. 

"As a whole, I'm incredibly private, I did reality TV a lifetime ago. I'm so protective over my partner and there are so many negative, gossiping people out there, that go out of their way to talk trash," she wrote on Instagram at the time.

"I have never felt a love like this so hopefully people can see why I have been so protective."

"I get it. We have been together for a quite a while but I was letting myself enjoy it. Without others knowing on a bigger platform," she added.

Lizzie Vega-Sobinoff and Alex Vega. Image: Instagram/@lizalizzieelizabeth.


Having watched two seasons of Married At First Sight where Lizzie has remained one of the most beloved brides in MAFS history, it has been exciting to see she has since fallen in love again.

Previously, she was in a relationship with Seb Guilhaus, whom she was paired with on her second round of the show. They dated for almost a year before calling it quits in January 2021.

Lizzie and Alex married on January 27, 2023.

If this post has raised concerns for you, please consult a healthcare professional.

Feature Image: Instagram @lizalizzieelizabeth.

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