A love letter to the life-changing hair straightener that lasted me ten years.


This is not sponsored. I just really… liked this straightener. 

Every now and then you come across a device so reliable. So loyal. So top quality that you actively mourn it when it’s gone.

This morning, after ten years of regular use, my GHD hair straightener didn’t turn on.

That familiar tone… did not beep.

“What’s the big deal?” you might ask.

“It’s just a hair straightener,” you might ponder.

But no. It’s… not.

In 2007, I was given my first hair straightener.

I was in Year 7, and at the point in my life where unfortunately I and my peers began to become self-conscious about our appearances.

It was sad, but true.

For me, a huge part of that was my hair. My half-curly hair, which when brushed resembled what one of my peers called “’70s hair” which is cool now but wasn’t then. It was a huge source of angst.

Since those formative years, my trusty straightener has gone hardly a weekend without my company.

Whether it be a weekend home or trips overseas, my trusty straightener was number one on the packing list.

Until.. now.

Is it time to go au naturale? Or embrace the blow dry?

It is too soon to tell, but one thing is for sure: this straightener is… I mean, was, incredible.