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luvlee November 12, 2023

Glam Palm all the way due to its adjustable heat settings and vibrate mode. No need to fry my damaged hair with 200+ degrees of heat

luvlee August 1, 2023

My hair loss started about 4 months after stopping the pill. Also skin break outs around my hairline, chin and chest. Only thing that fixed it and regrew my hair was going back on the pill.

I'm nervous for the day I have to go off it permanently 

luvlee April 29, 2022

Haven't we established that a victim fighting back doesn't make it mutual abuse. I personally think he was fighting back any time he has been accused of pushing or slapping her.

luvlee March 27, 2022

@rbk Crocodile tears. And strictly for herself.

luvlee March 27, 2022

Zero sympathy. She's seen her words and portrayal and has doubled down. 

luvlee March 27, 2022

@tdehmel I have to agree. 31 kids plus 30 parents plus a few siblings, relatives etc at that hour is way over the top. 

I think the author overcommitted and one unsupervised 4 year old (with every other kids parents there) should have been fine. 

luvlee February 23, 2022

My hair loss begin 3 - 4 months after I stopped the pill. Along with acne along my hairline and chest. My GP didn't believe me but put me back on it and hair began to regrow. Now at age 39, I'm scared what will happen when I eventually have to stop taking it. 

luvlee February 23, 2022

Mirena wasn't my friend. I got a fairly light period every 20 days.
1 year I  Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) began. By the end, it was chronicwhich antibiotics merely masked. EVERY doctor told me it couldn't be the Mirena. They were WRONG. 

I kept my Mirena in for 6+ years because despite having 2 vaginal births, I was terrified of the removal pain. I ended up having it removed under a GA at an abortion clinic of all places.

That was 5 years ago and I've had ZERO BV since.

luvlee October 21, 2021

@elishatraill Agreed! Wayne Carey is on the next SAS season.

luvlee April 30, 2021

That's not weird 😳

luvlee March 19, 2021

Why isn't he cooking the rice in the Thermomix?!

luvlee November 8, 2020

This article doesn't resonate with me.

I feel 2020 is the year we are embracing the 'looks don't matter' mantra. Cellulite is shown on models, big butts are desirable, you can't comment on looks etc. 

The author has never had it better.

LA February 19, 2020

Aren't NDA's null and void if they're attempting to cover something illegal? I hope we get the goss.

LA November 12, 2019

16 year olds cannot 'consent' to having sex with mature age billionaires. The imbalance of power is one issue, aside from the breach of law.

LA November 8, 2019

I had a similar experience. Definitely no one asked 23 year old me if they may cut my vagina. I was in AGONY after the birth, barely able to shift myself from side to side once the epidural wore off.
3 days post birth I was still applying ice blocks down below when a nurse told me they weren't necessary(so long after the birth).
I put up with agony for 6 weeks when I saw my GP for the follow up. She took one look, pouted at the horror of what I must have gone through and proceeded to tell me she would have to squeeze the pus from the incision as it was infected.

I had no idea what an episiotomy was let alone what post birth should feel like, pain level wise. Doctors and midwives should facilitate care but also educate their patients.

LA October 3, 2019

I disagree with the sentiment of this article on a few levels.

Firstly, the circumstances of the crimes were very different and as someone else has stated, there have been many equally despicable and depraved crimes against women in the years that followed Anita Cobby's murder. To effectively call this murder the female 'murder of our generation' doesn't feel true. I personally felt a deeper dread following Jill Meagher's death despite previously living within walking distance of Aiia's murder.

Also, choosing to learn about the abhorrent circumstances of these deaths helps to educate me as to what society is capable of. Maybe I should be a little more wary if a guy is walking behind me at night because REALLY horrible things could happen if I ignore it. Knowing what these things are, although terrifying, gets my head out of the sand. I never in a million years would have thought I was in danger on a busy road like Sydney Road or Plenty Road or likely to encounter a serial rapist who could rape and murder me metres from the shops. As scary as that thought is, I now know better.

Sadly, the world isn't a safe place and the older I get, the more I learn that. Not telling me won't change anything other than giving me a false sense of security.

LA August 10, 2019

Showing my age (36) but did anyone else own a Muster? The previous Rolls Royce of hair straighteners before GHD and their ceramic devices hit the market. Ahh... the memories.

LA August 4, 2019

Remember a few years ago when breaking up via text was considered rude? It seems like a text would be considered thoughtful these days since ghosting has become so common.

LA August 4, 2019


LA August 3, 2019

Agreed ^^^^^

There is a large portion of this story and person's background missing from this article. Along with disturbing paedophilic fetish allegations that have been omitted.