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The 5 weirdest moments from Kylie Jenner's "Day in the Life" video.



Kylie Jenner has shown everyone what a ‘Day in the Life’ of a billionaire looks like. And it’s… a lot.

While it starts off normal enough, with her waking her daughter Stormi, we quickly realise this isn’t just any vlog. It’s very lavish and very… unique.

And this tweet accurately sums it up.

Since being uploaded to YouTube, it has amassed almost 10 million views in less than 24 hours.

Kris Jenner calls the video a “glog”, Stormi has her own pink ball pit in the Kylie Cosmetics offices, and Kylie travels in bath robes. But they’re not even the weirdest parts.


Here are the five most bizarre moments from Kylie Jenner’s ‘Day in the life’ vlog.

1. She has A LOT of cars.

Just like picking out what clothes you’re going to wear to work, the youngest Kardashian-Jenner sister picks out what car she will drive on any given day.

“I think I’m going to take this guy today,” she says as the camera spans across her options, revealing she has more luxury cars than we have jeans.

She eventually chooses one that has a button to open and close doors (apparently only poor people actually use handles), and it also has stars on the inside roof. It looks very expensive.

2. Her handbag closet is the size of a bedroom.

Kylie Jenner vlog

Forget wardrobe closets.

The 21-year-old has a walk-in closet purely dedicated to her hundreds of handbags which is seen through a 360 degree pan shot, as the entrepreneur ponders over which one to choose. Decisions!

We're guessing she also has a sunglasses wardrobe, a shoe wardrobe and probably a jewellery wardrobe.

Oh, the life of a billionaire.

3. Her offices aren't like normal offices.

It would appear the Kardashian sisters enjoy their homes and offices to be empty.

Kim Kardashian did a house tour with Vogue recently showing her "minimal monastery" in which there was a noticeable lack of... anything, and it would seem that design has been mimicked in the Kylie Cosmetics office.

There's a whole lot of space, with not a lot of things. Like desks, and... people.

Kylie Jenner vlog
Stormi on an adventure to find the stuff.
Kylie Jenner vlog
"Nope, still can't see it."

4. Billionaire's still have cracked phone screens people.

Kylie Jenner vlog
Yes she has a cracked screen. Despite being a billionaire.

Putting in some #relatable content for #balance, the 21-year-old shared her iPhone has a cracked screen - just like normal people!

5. She calls her boyfriend to find out if he's home.

Whilst at home, Kylie Jenner calls her boyfriend Travis Scott to ask if he is at home too.

"Are you here?" Jenner asks as she is leaving her home.

"No, I'm at the studio," the rapper responds.

"Ok, I'm just leaving, I was going to say 'bye'," Kylie says.

Yes, her house is that big. She doesn't even know when other people are home.

You can see the full 'Kylie Jenner: Day in the Life' vlog for yourself her and let us know what you think in our comments section below!