Kylie Jenner didn't check the background of a selfie she posted and... whoops.

With more than 108 million followers, Kylie Jenner quickly regained her title of Instagram queen following an hiatus when she was pregnant with new born Stormi.

Since giving birth, and making her first public appearance as a mum, the 20-year-old’s Instagram is currently on some type of roll.

With the queen back in her throne, the social media world seems right again… Almost.

Just a few days ago, the youngest of the Kardashian Klan posted the norm day-in-the-life photo while in a hotel suite, and the internet picked up on a small but slightly awkward detail.

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It’s just the average Kylie Jenner OOTD post.

You have her post-baby body on show and completely effortless outfit, topped off with sunglasses being worn inside – because yes, a lot of celebrities do that.

But then look behind Kylie’s (probably) Cartier studded ear, and I spy with my little eye: Kylie Jenner’s best friend (aka Jordyn Woods). Getting changed. On camera.


It doesn’t matter, though, really, does it? I mean it’s not like… 108 million people might see it?

Kylie now joins a long list of people who really should have checked photos before sending or posting them anywhere.


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Have you ever suffered from a photo that didn’t undergo a pre-posting check? Tell us in the comments below.