A guy sent a photo of his girlfriend to his mum. Then he noticed what was in the background.

Before we begin, I’d like to quickly point out what I thought was obvious. DOUBLE CHECK YOUR MESSAGES BEFORE SENDING THEM, PEOPLE.

Not only that, but if the message involves sending pictures to your mum, give it a thorough, head to toe scan. Break it down and dissect it before she does, because mums will pick apart anything and everything remotely fishy.

And if these photos being sent to your mother are of your girlfriend in bed, well… you may as well not send them.

The risk of showing a glimpse of something you wished you kept private is far too high and may result in rage and/or immense disappointment.

Listen: If you’re over 30, apparently you can’t use emojis. (Audio continues after post.)

But Maison Vallance hadn’t thought as far as I presumed most people would.

Maison’s mum had bought him the shirt pictured in the tweet below a while ago, but he’d lost it until just the other day. Upon its discovery, Maison decided to snap a picture of his girlfriend in his bed, clutching it by her side. Mistake number one.

Mistake two? Sending it to his mum.

And finally, the worst mistake of them all, but simultaneously the best, most entertaining one: Posting the picture to Twitter for the world to see, because “Meghan is too pretty not to post it”.

Now, I’m always the worst at spotting the disturbance in photos that are apparently in the clear at first glance, and here was no exception. Initially, I saw a smiling, happy girlfriend in bed. Cute!

Here, you take a look.


Then my eyes went straight to her hand clutching her boyfriend’s shirt. What is she hiding? Again, I was looking in all the wrong places.


Maison realised his mistake 60,000 retweets later, before the 60,000 people, including friends and family, could un-see the red rope tied across his headboard.

But hey, at least Snoop Dogg approves?

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