"I was so depressed": Kyle Sandilands opens up about his sex addiction after his divorce.


Kyle Sandilands, never one to shy away from sharing deeply personal issues, has opened about his past sex addiction after his divorce from Tamara Jaber.

The radio co-host shared live on air that after his marriage breakdown in 2010, he went through a two-year period of being “so depressed and shocked about it that I didn’t feel like a man.”

In conversation with former Labor senator Sam Dastyari, Sandilands reflected on the pain he endured after the two-year marriage “fell apart instantly”.

“Part of the problem was that the sex had dried up and I thought ‘okay I’m going to have to pick up my game in this area’.

“I think that part of the reason why I was a sex addict was I wanted to prove to myself I was still a man…and still desired. And I could still desire women and treat them well,” he shared with his listeners.

“Plus I was addicted to drugs as well.

“I wasn’t just depressed but I was confused and I was sort of in a weird hole,” he added.

Dastyari said he wasn’t sure he believed the radio host, questioning that because he was depressed he became an addict. But Sandilands’ co-host Jackie O explained she knew him well throughout that period, and it’s all true.

“I was there during that time so I do believe that”, Jackie O said.


“I wasn’t a full sex addict, I didn’t try to crack on with Jackie,” the KISS FM radio host joked. “It wasn’t like any hole’s a goal. It was only like models and actresses and singers.”

Sandilands has now been in a relationship for six years with girlfriend Imogen Anthony.