Where is she now? Kyle Sandilands' ex-wife Tamara Jaber.


Let’s all take a minute out of our day to flashback to 2001; a simpler time.

A time when Me, Myself and I by the winners of the coveted Popstars Australia title, Scandal’Uswas your Saturday morning Video Hits anthem. (And if you claim it wasn’t, you’re lying).

Remember that song?

Well if you don’t, here’s a snippet in all its smoky-rooftop glory:

You’re welcome.

Tamara Jaber from the band, who was married to radio host Kyle Sandilands for two years before they split in 2010, re-entered our lives on Seven’s The Morning Show yesterday, sans pearl choker and purple eyeshadow.

Never forget.

Well, she looks like this now:


She's been pretty busy since her Scandal'Us days.

When the group's short-lived success ended in 2002, Tamara, 36, who attributed the split to a 'lack of structure' following their time on Popstars in a 2015 interview with news.com.au, launched her solo career.

Her song (another noughties banger) Ooh Aah reached number 13 on the ARIA Singles Chart in 2005, and we never did find out if she got her bra back. You can watch a clip here.

In 2007 she joined Scarlett Belle, along with Reigan Derry and Hayley Aitken before Aitken left the group in 2008 - the same year Tamara married Kyle Sandilands.

She met the KIIS 106.5 radio host at her Popstars audition (he was a judge on the show, remember?) The couple was together for 10 years and married for two.

In a 2016 interview with Woman's Day, Tamara spoke fondly of the radio shock jock, despite having once described their two-year marriage as 'miserable'.

“I’ve never regretted marrying Kyle, not in a million years. I know a lot of people might think I do but I don’t regret it at all," she said.

“People assume he’s a pr*ck but he’s kind of sensitive.”


Following her break-up with Sandilands, Tamara moved to LA where she joined a 12-piece big band, Karizma, and appeared on US reality show The Drama Queen.

In 2010 Tamara again graced Aussie TV screens when she was the runner-up on Channel Seven’s Dancing With the Stars and made a brief solo comeback in 2015 with her single, Habits.


She's currently living with her lawyer boyfriend in San Francisco and describes herself as an artist, singer, songwriter and host on her Instagram. She's also said to be studying media.

On The Morning Show yesterday, she described her partner (whose name she would not reveal) as a 'solid guy,' and said that 'he's different to anyone' she's ever been with.

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We're happy for her. We've also added Me, Myself & I and Ooh Aah to our Friday night playlist. You should too.