Kyle Sandilands and Imogen Anthony's house is featuring on Cribs. And wow. Just wow.

MTV’s pervy show Cribs is coming back – and it’s taking us somewhere we’re not sure we ever wanted to be – inside Kyle Sandilands and Imogen Anthony’s Sydney home.

Ahead of the first ever Aussie episode on 17 October, the channel has released a short snippet giving us a sneak peak of what we’re in for.

And while from the outside this looks like a pretty normal Mosman mansion…

Large, but normal. Image: MTV

On the inside,  it is so much more... interesting.

Real stuffed baby giraffe or plush toy? We're not sure. Image: MTV.

The couple has flamboyantly decorated their harbourside home, which, according to News.com.au, they rent for around $5000 a week. (A price tag Kyle can no doubt afford, given he's said on radio he earns more than $3 million a year.)

Their living and lounge area has an animal print theme that continues throughout their home.

The grand piano is complete with a snail door stop on top. Image: MTV.

There is Imogen's back-stage style dressing area and her huge walk-in wardrobe.

Complete with wigs. Image: MTV.
Dozens of pairs of shoes and multiple fur coats (which we hope aren't real). Image: MTV.

A totally normal looking kitchen.

Too normal. Image: MTV.

And then there's this room, which we were confused enough by before we noticed there was a clown doll on the circle-shaped bed.

Their sex room? Image: MTV.

Oh, and if that weren't potentially traumatising enough for viewers, we noticed the camera pan by this framed photo and, our eyes will never be the same.

We just... can't. Image: MTV.

Outside the couple has a gigantic pool, which Kyle tells the show that they keep heated all year round.

So that pools about the size of our apartment. Yeah. Image: MTV.

This isn't even Kyle's only home.

Last year he bought a $2.98m cottage on a farm in the NSW town of Robertson, which the couple spend part of their time at.

If this is what they did to a rental property, we're not sure we could handle a home they have complete control over.

Video via MTV Cribs
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