The wisest home decor tips we've learnt from the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook group.

Pop down to your local Kmart on any given day and you’ll see people with trolleys doing laps around the home section. And for good reason.

The department store have revived themselves as the face of budget-friendly, on-trend, Instagram-worthy homewares, so much so there are countless online groups and accounts dedicated just to them.

One of those groups is the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook group.

With almost 300,000 members, this Facebook group is an absolute godsend for anyone who wants to make their pad look pretty, but doesn’t have a aesthetic bone in their body.

It’s not just a place for mums though – we all know if anyone has time to meander around Kmart, it ain’t mums. All Kmart lovers looking for genius home styling advice, or a place to share their bloody good ideas welcome.

It’s here in these online communities that we’ve learnt some very wise and important lessons about home decor. Our homes, and our lives wouldn’t be the same without them.

Use things, but not the way they were designed to be used.

The single best thing about the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook group (and all its counterparts) is the number of uses for regular everyday items people have found to jazz up their homes.

Because if you think outside the box (literally), pretty much everything could be transformed into something else.

Take contact paper and vinyl for school books and scrap booking – remember when Gypsy Hughes used $5 copper vinyl roll to turn her daggy second hand fridge into a Instagram worthy rose gold number?

BEFORE. Image: Supplied/Gypsy Hughes.
AFTER. Image: Supplied/Gypsy Hughes.

Beth Milburn did a similar thing with her kitchen top for a quick, temporary upgrade. Holy moly.

DRAB... Image: Supplied/Beth Milburn.
... TO FLIPPIN' FAB. Image: Supplied/Beth Milburn.
WOW. Image: Supplied/Beth Milburn.

You'll find other strokes of brilliance on Instagram and Pinterest.

Like how stylist, Tiffany (@stylingbytiffany) re-purposed a geometric candle holder into a vase, AND a luxe dish rack into a magazine holder.

Image: @stylingbytiffany.
Image: @stylingbytiffany.

Rachelle's (@love_zace) impromptu bedside table made out of an upside down basket and a chopping board is so clever too.


Also, how fresh do these kitchen canisters turned succulent pots look? Genius.

Image: Amanda Rimes/Pinterest.

Buy cheap on-trend items and DIY them.

You could spend hours and hours trawling through homewares online trying to find one item that's the perfect shade of grey to match with the rest of your living room.

Or, as the clever people in the Kmart Mums group do, you can buy something cheap that's almost what you want and use your non-existent DIY skills to achieve the result you're after.

Spray painting chair legs, mirror frames or cabinets is a cheap fix for when homewares inconveniently clash with your colour scheme. So inconsiderate.

Here are some great examples:

Image: Kmart.
Black suited Peta-Marie's colour scheme better. Image: Supplied/Peta-Marie Hoogwerf.
Bit boring... Image: Kmart.
NOT ANYMORE. Image: Supplied/Kristy Fimmano.
These black legs are fab, but not for everyone. Image: Kmart.
Jill preferred an art deco gold look though. Image: Supplied/Jill White.

Ask for home decor advice from other people.

As hard as we try, some of us will never be able to come up with creative crafty ideas or know what colours go together.

And that's OK - we have other skills, like finding online shopping discounts, whipping up delicious things in the kitchen (you, not us) or knowing how to get the most out of your tax return (again, not us).

The thing that makes these Kmart home decor/hacks groups so popular is the helpful community they cultivate.

Got a room you have no idea what to do with? Chuck a photo of it up and ask people what they'd suggest. Or don't know why your attempt at groovy styling completely flopped? Ask other people to show you where you're going wrong.

Because a million brains are way better than one.

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So to all the creative, generous and brilliant minds in all of the various Kmart hacks/appreciation groups online, thank you for sharing.

Please never stop.

Have you found an amazing home decor hack in an online group? Tell us in the comments!