The interior design trend that has angered the people of the internet.

We get it. Minimalism is no longer a trend, but a lifestyle now.

Everything must be neat and clutter free and ready to be photographed for Pinterest and Instagram at a moment’s notice.

But the latest interior styling trend has gone too far. TOO FAR, do you hear?

There’s a growing number of criminals people arranging their books in a, erm unique, way.

And it will make book lovers in particular seethe with rage.

The idea is that to ensure your books look neat and all share the same colour scheme, you store them spines IN rather than out, so it’s the pages that face front.

It looks a little bit like this.


“I just love a neutral palette for my main living room. I have another room where all the books are turned the right way and that room has way more color,” explained lifestyle blogger thistle.harvest.

There are some obvious concerns with this. Firstly, good luck finding that book you want to read and secondly, WHY?

Understandably, the people of the internet are not happy.

When interiors blog Apartment Therapy did an Instagram post on the backwards book trend in November, the response was huge. The overwhelming mood? NO.


One follower even demanded a retraction. (Ah, the internet.)

“This is the most useless advice you could ever tell. Bloody ignorant, give the books away to charities or libraries if you want to keep them only to match your decor,” wrote one user.

“Now where did I put that book I wanted to read? (Starts to flip hundreds and hundreds of books in bookcase to find it),” added another.

However there were a few who weren’t offended by the bizarre trend.

“I love this. I never EVER read a book twice, but for some reason can’t part with them. This is a great way to keep them and still minimise the visual clutter,” said one user.

What do you think of the trend? Bizarre or brilliant?