The snack Kim Kardashian made for her kids is one that should never be allowed to exist.

Anyone with children, or anyone who knows at least one child, will tell you that sometimes, kids have truly bizarre snack requests.

And while normally, no one would judge you for feeding your kids fish fingers for dinner three nights in a row, or even spraying a bit of cheese-in-a-can onto a cracker and labelling it an ‘after school snack’, there’s one snack that should really never, ever exist on planet Earth.

Enter: hot dog sushi.

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The “snack” was introduced to the world by none other than mum-of-three Kim Kardashian, who shared a snap of her creation on Instagram.

kim kardashian hotdog sushi
WHAT. IS. THIS. Image via Instagram.

"When your kids LOVE sushi & hotdogs you get creative," she captioned the picture of what can only be described as a food item that could only exist in your worst nightmares.

Naturally, people had a lot of ~~feelings~~ about Kim wrapping up sliced hotdogs with sushi rice and nori, with some even going so far to say they were "disgusted" by her cooking skills.



But others heralded the snack as a stroke of "mum genius", with some pointing out that rolling meat in rice and seaweed isn't bizarre at all in some Asian countries like South Korea.





It's the second time in as many weeks Kim has been criticised for her parenting, after she shared a nearly-topless image on Instagram that had been taken by her four-year-old daughter, North.

???? by North

A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on


Some parents questioned the appropriateness of letting North photograph her mother undressing, with others arguing the image would negatively impact North's own self-image.

"'Here, North, this is how you make money using your body'," one person commented on the picture.

While the jury is still out on the North West photography debacle, there's at least one thing we know for sure: hot dog sushi isn't going to make it onto our lunch menu anytime soon.

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