We got our first glimpse of Kim Kardashian's newborn thanks to Kylie Jenner's video.

After months of speculation, it’s now been confirmed that Kylie Jenner, 20, really was pregnant all along and is now the mother of a little baby girl.

Releasing her announcement on Instagram with an accompanying video of her pregnancy journey, it was a lovely dose of heartwarming goodness on a Monday morning.

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There were shots of the Kylie’s pregnancy cravings (cheeseburgers and fries, of course), messages to her unborn baby from loved ones and her Pinterest-worthy rose petal baby shower.

However, eagle-eyed fans will spot that we didn’t just get the pre-birth sonogram images of the most highly-anticipated baby of 2018, but we also got our first glimpse of Chicago West.

At around eight-and-a-half minutes in, you can see pregnant Kylie cuddling a newly-born Chicago West, swaddled to perfection for her public debut.

first glimpse of Chicago West
Awwwwww. Image via Youtube.

Not missing a beat, Kim takes the moment to offer some big-sisterly wisdom, with this one piece of pivotal advice.

"I need to school you on what your vagina is about to feel like... like for real."


Kylie looked right at home with baby Chicago, who has obviously already inherited the Kardashian hair gene.

It's really only a matter of time before she starts setting global hair trends too.

So Chicago definitely has Kim's hair genes. Image via Youtube.

Only born two weeks apart, Chicago on January 15 and Kylie's baby (whose name is yet to be revealed) on February 1, it's only a matter of time before they start having Kardashian West/Jenner baby play dates.

Especially with sister Khloe Kardashian set to give birth in April too.

It's just one big happy Klan.

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