'Peppa is a brat!' 16 of the most annoying kids’ shows according to parents.

There are lots of things that may cause you to lose your sh*t as a parent: repeating yourself, cleaning a perfectly avoidable mess, a child refusing sleep, for example.

But there is nothing like the unique pain of having to watch and/or listen to a children’s television show you cannot stand.

Like nails on a chalkboard, a particular melody or character’s voice can get under your skin. Then, through no fault of your own, it will ruin your mood for the foreseeable future, and maybe even make you regret having kids in the first place. (Or maybe that’s just me being forced to participate in the guessing during The Masked Singer.)

We spoke to Mamamia parents to see what their least favourite kids’ show is, and were surprised to discover it’s… Bluey.

JUST JOKING. As if. Bluey’s the best thing to happen to Aussie screens.

So, is your least favourite show on the below list?

PJ Masks: Because my son has a meltdown whenever I try to stop him binging it! – Erica

Bananas in Pyjamas: We all just accepted these characters in childhood, but really…THEY ARE GIANT CHERNOBYL BANANAS WHO SPEAK. And what is with that intro tune? I want to rip off my ears. – Amelia

Bob the Builder: Same sh*t, different day. I bet it’s just a front for organised crime. – Nama

Baby Jake: Eyeroll emoji. – Jane

The InBestigators: That character, Maudie. Sorry to be a traitor to the empowerment of young girls, but please, Maudie, you’re an annoying, patronising know-it-all with no sense of humour. (Again, sorry, I know there is a young actor who’s doing a brilliant job!) – Anon (just to be safe.)


Fireman Sam: Just let that little sh*t Norman Price burn, and all Ponty Pandy’s problems will be over. – Brooke

OMG Norman is the world’s biggest SHITE! Can’t stand him or his voice. – Kristina

Dora the Explorer: From “Swiper no swiping” to the Map song to Dora staring vacantly while she waits for an answer from viewers, it’s an all-round nightmare to listen to and visually fugly, too. – Nama

Peppa Pig: Peppa is a brat! I don’t like my kids watching it for that reason. – Jasmine

She is rude and I really hate how she talks to her parents. Lots of references to being naughty and then they call one character a ‘clever clogs’ all the time, but it is in an almost derogatory way! – Jessica

In the Night Garden: It’s the bane of my existence. My kids love it but every time I watch an episode with them I feel like I’m stuck in an awful fever dream that will never end. – Jess

Grandpa in my Pocket: Omg that stupid thinking cap… or shrinking cap, whatever the eff it was called. BRING BACK SUPERGRAN. – Nama

The Wiggles: Ok, unpopular opinion, but OMFG, STFU. I really liked them when it was Greg Page as the Yellow Wiggle… I actually had a bit of a thing for him, because of his voice. But with my second kid, I can’t bear it. Sorry, Emma. – Nikki


Caillou: What a whingy, rude and spoilt little pain in the butt. – Sophie

Enjoy this parody of Caillou at age 22. Post continues after video.

Video via AOK

Bing: I hate that damn bunny! – Kim-Lee

The Teletubbies: My baby was mesmerised by this, but I found it so annoying – boring, literally nothing happening – that I would strap him into his highchair and only turn it on once I was about to hop into the shower! – Emma

Dirt Girl: The animation is garish, sorry to those who worked tirelessly on it, but it sucks. – Priya

Lastly, our favourite answer is from Lisa:

Married at First Sight: It counts as a kids’ show because only the most immature watch it.

Oof. Tell us what you really think, Lisa.

What’s your least favourite children’s show? Tell us in the comments below.

Feature image: Entertainment One/ABC/BBC