If you remember these kids' shows you definitely grew up in Australia in the '90s.

Pfft. Today’s kids’ shows have nothing on the glory days of the ‘90s.

I mean, can anything really compete with Daria? Round the Twist? The Ferals? No. No it can’t. And don’t try and tell me you DIDN’T have a crush on Wheeler from Captain Planet (yes, he was a cartoon. But he had so much swag).

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You know you grew up in Australia in the ‘90s if you remember these absolute classics. And you get bonus points if you remember the theme songs…

1. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Ok, so this wasn’t technically a kids’ show. But as the undisputed Best Show Of All Time, it’s making it on the list.

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It had Will Smith, the Carlton Dance and the best theme song that’s ever been made. I know you know the words…

2. Captain Planet.

This show was WAY before its time.

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It was about five teenagers who run off to a deserted island to save the world from pollution and hang out with the Gaia, the Spirit of the Earth (voiced by Whoopi freakin’ Goldberg, no less) and a green-haired superhero.

No, it’s not, Wheeler.


3. Round the Twist.

It was basically batsh*t crazy, but in a good way. This show made us all want to live in a haunted lighthouse. Have you ever, ever felt like this…

4. Lift Off.

I imagine this show was created by someone with a serious acid addiction, because it was also insane. But we couldn’t stop watching, even though the kids’ doll EC was basically our worst nightmares come to life.

Worst. Nightmare.


5. Ship to Shore.

Two words: Hermes Endakis. The bumbling Endakis was the star of this show, about a group of kids on Circe Island who tackled social and environmental issues.

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Also, fun fact: Heath Ledger was in an episode.

 6. Daria.

The sarcasm. The teen angst. The witty one-liners. This cartoon was everything. Plus, Jane’s brother Trent was hot.



 7. A*mazing.

It was my most treasured, secret dream to be on A*mazing (also to become an Olympic figure skater). I never did either – curse you, country childhood. But this show involved mazes, slime, everything.

8. The Genie from Down Under.

Penelope was super annoying, but I would have sold my little sister for my own genie.

Penelope was the worst.


9. Babar.

This was pretty much the sweetest cartoon ever. I still get choked up when I remember how the hunter shot Babar’s mum. Although Babar did marry his second cousin Celeste. So that was weird.

10. Art Attack.

Where else could we learn how to make a paper mache pinata or an ancient treasure map? Plus there was that creepy talking head…

This is an art attack. This is an art attack. This is – Art Attack.


11. The Ferals.

They were crude. They were violent. They were…feral. But we loved the rat called Rattus, the cat called Modigliana, Derryn the dopey dog and Mixy the muddled up, mixed up bunny.

Other honourable mentions include: Animorphs, Spellbinder, Minty, Where’s Wally, Widget the World Watcher and Couch Potato.

What was your favourite ’90s kids’ TV show?