How a tweet about the race of her baby girl got Khloe Kardashian into so much trouble.


It’s no secret that the Kardashians are occasionally a little controversial. Whether it be advertising weight loss lolly pops or chemically straightening their infant’s hair, they are always at the core of public debates.

Khloe Kardashian’s latest tweet about the race of her first daughter True, who was born in April this year, now has people extremely mad.

The mother-of-one was attempting to defend her baby girl, after an onslaught of racist comments.

In the tweet, Khloe Kardashian wrote, “I try to put myself in their shoes & maybe they were brought up in a different type of household then I was. So instead of shaming I try to educate. In our household we do not see color. We see emotion and action. We see love. We feed off of energy,” in response to trolls on Twitter who were criticising her daughter.


But while Khloe clearly had wonderful intentions, many Twitter users believe the phrase “we do not see color” is problematic, and erases important intersectional conversations.




There are some simple reasons why Khloe’s tweet is being interpreted as racist.

Being ‘colourblind’ assumes that “white” is the default, but also erases people of colour’s history of oppression, and the ways that these narratives have informed different people’s everyday experiences.

You might have missed the mark a bit this time Khloe.