The $7 hair product everyone with frizzy hair needs to try.

Frizz and I go way back.

Thanks to my thick, curly hair, it takes just a gust of wind, a drop of water or a simple temperature change to send my hair into Monica-from-Friends-in-Barbados territory.

I’ve tried countless lotions and potions to try to fight it, but it’s turned out to be a super cheap hair product used in the actual hair-washing process that’s made the biggest difference.

A microfibre hair towel.

I know, I know. They sound like something off the home shopping channel you’d buy at 3am and instantly regret. They’re not.

The Spa Savvy Twisty Turban costs just $6.99 for a pack of two and anyone with curly hair or prone to frizz needs to try them.


When I first started using them two years ago, I was sceptical. Now, I get into a panic if I get in the shower and I haven't got one laid out on the bath ready to wrap my hair in when I get out.

Microfibre towels are designed to be gentler on the hair than traditional towels. With the normal ones, even the simple act of vigorously rubbing your hair dry can cause serious damage, increase frizz and make it really knotty.

"If you rub your hair with a towel you open up the cuticle leaving it susceptible to damage more easily,”  Barney Martinfounder of Barney Martin Hair, told Mamamia previously.

The microfibre ones don't because they absorb significant more moisture without having to give your arms a workout.

Available in a range of bright colours, you simply hold your head forward so your hair is hanging down, place the wider end in line with the nape of your neck, arrange your hair into the 'hood' then twist and secure at the back of your neck with a handy elastic hook.

It's the foolproof way to ensure your towel turban actually stays in place as you go about the rest of your bathroom routine.

I first started using the towels two years ago. Image: Supplied/Brittany Stewart

I put it on as soon as I step out the shower, leave on for at least 10 minutes (although longer is better if you have time), then undo, brush hair and put it my trusty John Frieda Mousse or simply undo and leave to air dry. Yep, I no longer have to waste time blow drying my hair for an hour and can instead do other things with my time (like sit on my bed in my dressing gown and ponder life.)

It makes my long hair dry so much faster and I've honestly never had my curls dry so nicely without product.

It's a simple change I've been able to make that's made the number of good (and effortless) hair days increase dramatically and I tell anyone who'll listen - and those who won't - what a game-changer has been.

The Spa Savvy Twist Turban Hair Wrap two pack is $6.99.

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