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The three clear signs we all missed that Bachelor in Paradise’s Jarrod and Keira had broken up.

One of the last remaining Bachelor in Paradise couples, Keira Maguire and Jarrod Woodgate, have publicly announced their break up.

Posting to Instagram on Saturday morning, Keira shared the sad news.

“I’m sorry if anyone is disappointed or if I have let anyone down,” she wrote.

“Please respect our privacy as this is a very hard time for me.”

But while many Bachelor in Paradise fans were shocked to see the couple calling it quits after six months together, it seems there were actually some pretty obvious signs their relationship was over.

Here’s the three signs we missed that Jarrod and Keira had split.

1. They didn’t feature on each other’s Instagram for over two weeks.

We seriously can’t believe we didn’t notice this one.

Although some eagle-eyed fans noticed this bad sign days ago, it’s one many of us missed.

For over a fortnight, both Keira and Jarrod haven’t featured on each other’s Instagram pages.

When you look at Instagram, it all becomes pretty obvious. Image: Instagram.

And on Keira's feed especially, it's super obvious – the 32-year-old went from sharing couple pics day after day to posting none at all. Weird, right?!

The last photo that Keira posted with Jarrod was from August 11, the same day that Jarrod posted his last photo with Keira.

Hates when I play with his hair....

A post shared by KEIRA (@keiramaguire) on


2. They unfollowed each other on Instagram.

If this isn't a definite sign, we don't know what is.

As well all know, with a break up often comes the social media relationship purge.

Although photos of the couple still remain on their respective Instagram pages, the couple have clearly unfollowed each other – and they appear to have untagged some of their photos too.


3. They didn't weigh in on the Sam and Tara situation.

Keira and Jarrod aren't the first Bachelor in Paradise couple to split.

The first split to come from the Australian reality dating show was Ali Oetjen and Grant Kemp, who split before the show even aired.

After that, Ali and Grant's split was followed by Sam Cochrane and Tara Pavlovic's very public break-up.

But as Sam accused Tara of physically abusing him throughout their relationship – Keira and Jarrod kept quiet.

Although it's possible the couple simply didn't want to get involved in the conversation, there's a big chance they were trying to stay out of the public eye too.

Ironically enough, on-again off-again couple Megan Marx and Jake Ellis are now the last Bachelor in Paradise couple standing.

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