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Keira and Jarrod just dished on when they first had sex and it's far later than expected.

We had barely digested our Weet-Bix on this fine Monday morning when we found ourselves suddenly learning details of the night Bachelor in Paradise couple Keira Maguire and Jarrod Woodgate first had sex.

Going on the Kyle and Jackie O Show, the pair decided to dish information they’d “never told anyone before” when Kyle Sandilands chucked in one final, unnecessary question: “What was the night you first had sex like?”

Keira, 32, and Jarrod, 32, unexpectedly obliged with an answer, revealing they actually waited several weeks. In fact, it didn’t happen until their very last date and sleepover before the show’s final commitment ceremony. They said they were staying at the Intercontinental Hotel at the time, which was strictly camera-free unlike their regular huts.

“It’s when you have your last date and then you decide whether you want to be together,” said Keira.

“It was much better accommodation. We weren’t going to have sex in those cabins.”


When Kyle pressed them for more details, things got weird.

Beginning to breakdown the exact proceedings of the night, Jarrod described their interesting foreplay tactics.

“We were having a dance naked while we were getting ready…” began Jarrod, to which Keira objected and apologised to listeners.

“No babe, seriously, can you like literally not?” she said.

But, unfortunately Jarrod did not want to stop, and confirmed they did indeed “have a boogie”.

It was then that Kyle dropped a piece unconventional romance advice, which we’re really not sure is legitimate.

“Nothing is sexier than a nude man twerking,” said the radio host. “Especially with that giant schlong of his.”


Keira then confirmed that yes… Jarrod does indeed have a sizeable peen. Cool.

“Yeah, it’s pretty big, I’m pretty happy,” she said.

At this point, their interview swiftly came to an end, and Australia was left to process what the heck we just heard.

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Happy Monday, ya filthy animals. Image: Bachelor in Paradise.