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"I have the best 'Jake Ellis story' ever": Jake and Megan finally open up about their relationship.


It’s the happy ending we thought we were never going to get.

Remember when Jake Ellis and Megan Marx just disappeared into Bachelor In Paradise obscurity, leaving a big question mark hanging over whether or not they were actually still together?

Well, we now have confirmation, and it’s good. Not only are Jake, 31, and Megan, 28, still dating, they seem more solid than ever.

Both of them shared strategically timed Instagram posts on Saturday, confirming what we hoped had happened when Bachelor In Paradise rudely cut off their love story – they did indeed go riding off into the Fijian sunset together, most probably on white horses, but we’re still looking into that last bit.

Posting photos from Krabi in Thailand, where they are currently enjoying a romantic holiday, Megan and Jake were happy to give fans a glimpse into their life as a couple, away from the cameras.


“All my roses for you,” Megan captioned her photo.

“Sorry for ditching you on the show. Dumping you is the best decision I’ve ever made… thank you for fighting for my dumb ass – you shouldn’t have had to. Seems I have the best ‘Jake Ellis story’ ever? I love you.”

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Jake’s comments were equally as gushy.

“We did things our way… Could not be happier or more in love with you!” he wrote, including the hashtag “lucky me”.

Okay, now get married and have lots of babies already.