Katrina Gorry and Clara Markstedt just shared the gender of their baby in a very cute reveal.

Katrina Gorry and fiancé Clara Markstedt are having a baby.

The Matildas midfielder announced in November that she and Markstedt (who is her team mate at Swedish club Vittsjö GIK) would be "Adding more love to our love story", in a heartwarming Instagram post, sharing a picture of her two-year-old daughter Harper.

And on December 11, the pair shared their gender reveal on Instagram. 

Watch: Katrina Gorry and Clara Markstedt's gender reveal for their second child. Post continues below.

Video via Instagram/Katrina Gorry.

"I guess we are BOY mums now," Gorry posted with the video of the gender reveal – a classic popper-filled-with-blue-confetti situation.

Gorry had her first child through IVF in 2021, telling Mamamia, "I was ready to start a family."

She shared that when she signed with Norwegian football club Avaldsnes IL in early 2020, she decided she would undergo IVF there.

"I always wanted to do it over in Europe. The donor pool is much bigger over there," she explained.

"In Norway, you tell them the main characteristics you want and they go out and choose your data for you and you never really find out [who the father is]," she said.


She said she preferred this approach to knowing more details about her sperm donor.

"Some people have asked me, 'Was that really hard for you not to know?' And I kind of think, I have no expectations as long as they're healthy. I don't know what he was good at. I don't know what he looks like and I feel really comfortable with that. 

"At the end of the day, it's my baby and it's the way I bring her up. You don't go out and find partners and pick the pieces - what you want and don't want - by their looks and how good they are at things."

She gave birth to her daughter Harper on August 16, 2021, and returned to the Matildas the following year.

She was named Player of the Match in her first game back against New Zealand, and joined the World Cup team in November 2022.


Gorry's daughter, who managed to capture the heart of the nation, effectively became the 24th member of the football team during the World Cup.

"I think having kids around really puts into perspective that things are bigger than football and sometimes people just need a hug or a laugh just to actually stand in that moment and take everything," Gorry said on 60 Minutes.

"Kids do that."


Gorry met her now-fiance and teammate Markstedt when she signed to Swedish football club Vittsjö GIK. 

The pair got engaged after 13 months of dating in June 2023.

Gorry said no at first out of shock, before quickly changing her answer to yes.

"The best love stories never end. YES," she captioned her announcement post.


During the Matildas World Cup match against Ireland recently, commentator David Basheer made a comment about Gorry that sparked backlash.

As the midfielder won a tackle, he said: "Certainly motherhood has not blunted her competitive instincts, that's for sure."

Critics were quick to slam him, saying he would never have made the same comment about a father on the field. 

However, Gorry thought nothing of the comment, saying in a post-match press conference that she didn't think Basheer meant it in a negative way. 

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