Why the royal family isn't a fan of Kate Middleton's engagement ring.

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When Prince William popped the question to Kate Middleton back in late 2010, he presented her with his mother’s engagement ring.

But what many don’t know is Princess Diana’s stunning sapphire ring has been the centre of controversy since the moment Prince Charles proposed to her in 1981.

In fact, despite being one of the most iconic engagement rings in history, the British royal family aren’t exactly fans of the ring – or how Diana got it.

According to the Daily Mail, the famous white gold and diamond ring wasn’t bespoke and it wasn’t exclusive to Diana either.

When Prince Charles reportedly presented Diana with a selection of engagement rings to choose from, she chose a ‘stock item’.

In fact the ring was actually featured in the crown jeweller Garrard’s jewellery catalogue at the time, meaning any “commoner” with a spare $60,000 lying around could purchase their very own exact replica.

Despite not being “exclusive” or popular with the royal family, Princess Diana loved her ring and continued to wear it even after splitting from Prince Charles.

The royal family reportedly aren't fans of the ring. Image: Getty.

When William proposed to Kate, he told reporters he used his late mother's ring as a "way of keeping her close to it all".

"It's beautiful – I hope I look after it! It's very special," Kate said in an interview at the time.

Unlike his older brother, Prince Harry had a unique ring designed for Meghan Markle prior to their November 27 engagement last year.

But despite creating a bespoke ring, Prince Harry still honoured his mother with the design.

According to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's official engagement interview, the ring was designed by Cleave and Company using two diamonds from a brooch that belonged to Princess Diana.

"The little diamonds on either side are from my mother's jewellery collection to make sure that she's with us on this crazy journey together," Prince Harry said at the time.

Meghan also wore one of Princess Diana's favourite pieces to her wedding reception, wearing Diana's aquamarine ring alongside her second wedding dress.

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