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mjte June 7, 2021

Hmm, think you are misdirecting your anger there.  If the Feds had have put conditions on the Jobkeeper payment for big business, like they do for the “little people”, then there would be a huge amount of money to go around for small business.  I hope you don’t shop at Harvey Norman! 

mjte May 31, 2021

Let’s hope people remember this debacle when the election comes around and aren’t distracted by the next shiny thing the Feds try to spin.  The most incompetent PM and government I have ever seen, and I am getting on abit, so I’ve seen a few.  

mjte May 19, 2021

He send mixed messages though.  He wants privacy, but can’t stop talking, he told Oprah he was too ashamed to get his wife help, yet now he is all across the issues , as he was in his previous work with the foundation he had with his brother, he told Dax he’s just  started therapy on Meghan’s recommendation, yet clearly said in his work with William and Catherine on mental health that  he had already  had therapy.  He said he didn’t want the job of being a royal in his 20’s yet  his long term girlfriend of 7 years (in his 20s)  left because she didn’t want the job when he obviously did at that time. Mental health is a serious subject that shouldn’t  be used and changed to suit your current narrative or circumstances . 

Anonymousqld123 March 25, 2020

What a smaltzy piece of drivel this is. The PM may be doing his best but his best just isn’t good enough as the PM of this country. He is clearly very ambitious but is not cut out for leadership at this level. He led Tourism NZ and was let go. He led Tourism Australia and was let go. He was controversially parachuted into the preselection for the Cook electorate. Ambition can help get you places but you need some self reflection to realise what skills you do and don’t have. His holiday to Hawaii , his dealing with the bushfires and the aftermath shows he is tone deaf to the mood of the population. We couldn’t trust him to do the right thing then, so we cannot trust him now. The unclear messages and slowness to act means we are in a worse situation than we could have been. As I said he is probably doing his best but is ill suited to the role of leader in a crisis.

Anonymousqld123 February 22, 2020

“Coercive control” needs to be legislated to be a criminal act. It would help victims like Hannah realise that the dictating of what she wore, the sexual abuse etc was not normal and is a form of DV. It would help build a history so that if violence occurred , its easier for the victim to be believed and supported. It would also make the perpetrator realise that behaviour is unacceptable.

Anonymousqld123 January 5, 2020

Hope this money will be shared wider than just NSW. It’s an amazing effort by everyone who donated, and of course Celeste.

Anonymousqld123 January 5, 2020

Fantastic effort! I do hope the money will be shared through all of the fire zones though, so Victorian CFA , as well as South Australia .

Anonymousqld123 November 14, 2019

Didn’t Australia used to have a Department of Climate Change back in 2007? Imagine how prepared we could have been for this type of disaster a decade on if the scientists and public servants had have been able to develop policy and strategy . Imagine being prepared using abit of foresight and vision rather than this reactive partisan political sh*t fight it’s turned into?

Anonymousqld123 November 6, 2019

I used to work for the old Department of SocialSecurity, before it became Centrelink. We had a level of pride in our work , and true commitment to customer service. Sure not everyone was happy but at least you could be sure that your work had been checked by a supervisor, so two sets of eyes of a claim or debt. I have watched while the permanent staff members have been pressured to do more and more complex work with little training, and now more workers are casuals called in at peak times with little training, experience or knowledge. Having been a customer now I am appalled at the lack of basic decency and common sense applied to any of the dealings I have had there. My tax was withheld and I was sent a debt notice with no dates of when the debt was incurred and very little explanation. I appealed the debt nearly a year ago, and have heard nothing. It is an appalling system, designed to demoralise and dishearten people to the point where they give up. An terrible way to treat the most vulnerable in our society. The government should be ashamed.

Anonymousqld123 October 25, 2019

The massively expensive weddings are surely abit passe these days. Our wedding was less than a thousand dollars, with four guests . We focused on the marriage, which is just as well, as in those ten years life has thrown us huge challenges we never expected. A marriage needs a solid foundation and true commitment , not one very expensive day which no one but the bride and groom really remember.

Anonymousqld123 August 22, 2019

My first thought was that the childcare arrangements must have fallen through and this was an absolute emergency to have to take a baby (that is not being breastfed) into the workplace. I am sure many other parents whose childcare falls through wish they had the luxury of taking their child into work and passing the baby to colleagues to help look after. Does seem unnecessary and a photo op/stunt.

Anonymousqld123 July 29, 2019

But the headline includes the word “murder”, unless the original has been changed. Is that not warning enough of the content?

Anonymousqld123 June 27, 2019

Gosh, hope Israel is not lying! That would mean he would end up in hell with the LGBTQI people he judges according to his religious beliefs. Lying is apparently a sin.

Anonymousqld123 May 20, 2019

Yet again, no explanation from an LNP voter of what those LNP policies were that you thought were so good.

Anonymousqld123 May 16, 2019

Seems perfectly acceptable by the LNP and their supporters to make up blatant lies and get away with it these days. KAK is just another one of the white, older, usually male, Australians who are petrified their grip on power will slip as we move towards a more progressive and fairer society. Pretty sure her financial position will be just fine no matter what.

Anonymousqld123 April 22, 2019

Well , who knew a dingo could take a baby? Hopefully that puts any of those last doubters about Lindy Chamberlain’s innocence to rest. Hopefully this young boy has a speedy recovery, and the parents are able to get over the trauma they have just experienced.

Anonymousqld123 April 16, 2019

I just don’t undertand how these “Christians” claim to follow the bible but ignore the teachings of Jesus. Wasn’t he all about love, kindness, compassion and tolerance? Not the views evident in Folau’s rant.

Anonymousqld123 April 16, 2019

Settle down, no one died in the fire. And she is right, we are just letting this happen , on our watch.

Anonymousqld123 April 15, 2019

I am feeling old, if the above articles are the best in celeb and entertainment news. Reality shows and instagram WAG’s. It really is a low bar these days.

Anonymousqld123 April 10, 2019

These children were clearly subjected to child abuse, however the safety of the Australian community needs to be taken into account, as we are possibly bringing potential future extremists to our country. How about compulsory attendance at counseling with a psychologist who is experienced at breaking people out of cults, as well as no contact with the father’s family. We should be able to put strict conditions on their return for our own safety.