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mjte July 6, 2024

@sedanayasa Yep, do people just not think about travel insurance anymore? 

mjte June 10, 2024

Umm, boy Mum’s have the same issue? Take them into your own gender’s toilet until they are old enough to go to their own.  Use baby/family rooms as much as possible as they usually have toilets . Sending a girl into a well frequented womens toilet feels far safer than sending a boy into a mens room alone. 

mjte April 29, 2024

Sarah seems to be loving the spotlight, and her constant appearances on media (2GB! For goodness sake), are detracting from what everyone went to the rallies for.  Two sides to every story, and I believe the way she treated the PM at the rally was disrespectful. She had an anti Albo agenda from the start (from her own words on social media) so nothing he did would have been acceptable for her. She is playing right into the Liberal party’s hands, who were in power for 11 years and did nothing!  But I get that this is content for a women focussed media company. 

mjte March 23, 2024

Content creators need…..…….content.  Sounds completely contrived.   Gender reveals are a complete self indulgent wank anyway.  No one cares as much as you do about your kid, get over yourselves. 

mjte March 5, 2024

If it’s in someone to cheat once, they will definitely do it again. 

mjte March 5, 2024

Love it when my instincts are vindicated.  Knew there was more than a whiff of inauthenticity about this guy.  

mjte January 25, 2024

Great article.  There is no reason why we just can’t change the date.  I would love to celebrate Australia Day , I love this country, but I won’t while i know that it makes a whole sector of our society miserable.  Just change the date! 

mjte September 7, 2023

I am amazed at their optimism that nothing bad will happen to either one of them, leaving the other with a enormous responsibility of being a solo parent to 10 kids.  Or that money will dry up and leave their children to grow up in poverty.  Seriously, people need to do a risk assessment and stop having so many children! 

mjte August 30, 2023

Yep, wear it for a heart condition.  My Apple watch has told me of heart issue which prompted me to go to Emergency. I just felt “yuck” so would never have realised that was the issue. So you will have to wrestle it from my cold dead wrist ( after it warned  me of my impending doom.) Lifesaver ! 

mjte August 15, 2023

Fix the headline on this as it is untrue.  She did not have to go overseas, she chose to! Tabloid click bait.

mjte May 19, 2023

Blows my mind as a society we are OK for a novel virus to infect people , including pregnant women and children , when the long term consequences have not been able to be studied.  We had the chance to effect so much change to do with air ventilation , and masking as the Asian countries have had no trouble doing for decades and we blew it.  Good luck to everyone’s vascular system and vital organs in years to come after multiple infections - I hope we will all be OK. 

mjte January 10, 2023

Recollections may vary! 

mjte January 8, 2023

I don’t remember anyone asking Harry for this - especially how he lost his virginity!  Complaining about the Palace leaking when Meghan has the papps on speed dial and the odious Omid Scobie as her mouthpiece is abit rich.  It’s the hypocrisy that is the most galling.  And Meghan and Harry’s “truth” keeps changing.  We are up to version 3 of her miscarriage.  

mjte October 24, 2022

Read the article, but not sure who this is? 

mjte October 24, 2022

Only someone with alot of money could pull off  this folly, knowing they could change it when they got sick of all the busyness of the decor.Good on them for doing what they love in their own home.  Different strokes for different folks.  I couldn’t feel relaxed in there! 

mjte October 5, 2022

It’s lip liner.  Honestly, it’s outrage for outrage’s sake.  It’s lip liner. 

mjte July 15, 2022

Absolutely agree with the comment regarding remote kids.   Kids have been doing distance education for decades and all survived and actually thrived.  I wonder if the anxiety us adults felt during such an uncertain time is what rubbed of on our kids.   And not all kids suffered from learning from home , my kids loved not going to school.  And I don’t think every learning delay/social issue  can be blamed on Covid.  We are really lacking resilience in our society.  

mjte May 11, 2022

My biggest concern would be what repeated Covid infections was doing to my child’s body and the long term health implications.  Blows my mind that we as a society are fine with children (and adults for that matter) being repeatedly infected with a virus where the long term implications and potential for complications isn’t known.  

But as long as it was more convenient than the first time! 

mjte February 24, 2022

@snorks Completely proving my point! No comment about vulnerable people , just getting back to ordinary.  Nice. 

mjte February 24, 2022

Covid isn’t over just because we want it to be and we are sick of  it. This ridiculous magical thinking that life will go back to 2019 shows alot of immature thinking and lack of resilience. The world has changed. We need nationwide ventilation standards and we need masks to become a feature in our society not a partisan political issue. Vulnerable people have been completely left behind with no guidance and we are told to just stay home. Well I can’t isolate completely as I need to send my kids to school (where  there are no masks being worn, no ventilation and no information about cases).  I don’t need to go to a restaurant or nightclub and happy for others to do that, but it would be nice if vulnerable people were met half way with masks still in schools and supermarkets , and abit more focus on caring for others in our community. This virus has really shown up our society as being extremely self focused and that vulnerable people are completely disposable as long as people get to travel and go out.