'They want to save her.’ Bianca Censori’s friends are ‘concerned’ by Kanye West marriage.

The news surrounding Kanye West and his Australian 'wife' Bianca Censori just keeps getting more uncomfortable by the day.

Fresh from his divorce from Kim Kardashian being finalised, Kanye is said to have married Bianca in January this year. However, a marriage certificate was never obtained, so it's unclear whether their marriage was ever official.

In the preceding months, the newlyweds have been travelling around Italy. Their exploits began innocent enough: the couple were spotted in some bizarre outfits and often photographed not wearing any shoes. 

But their behaviour took a dark turn in Venice, when the couple were filmed in a compromising position on a boat in full view of the public. In the video, Kanye's bare bottom is shown while Bianca's appears to be standing in front of him.

In response to the NSFW video being widely circulate, the Venetian boat company banned the couple for life. 

“The driver had to keep a lookout for traffic and did not see these obscenities,” owner Venezia Turismo Motoscafi told Daily Mail Australia. “If this had happened, he would have immediately disembarked and reported the transgressors to those in authority.”

In the aftermath of the incident, Daily Mail has reportedly spoken to friends of Censori who are "extremely concerned" about her recent behavior. 

Bianca Censori and her family in an old picture. Image: Instagram/@alyssia.censori.


"Bianca is stuck and her friends are trying to save her, but no one can because of the blockades Kayne has put up [around her]," they said. 

"Everyone is extremely concerned. This isn't who she is. She is an incredibly outspoken and lively person who is never one to keep her mouth shut."

Before Censori was linked to West, the Melbourne woman had previously studied her Masters of Architecture at the University of Melbourne before being hired by Kanye as an architectural designer for Yeezy in November 2020.

A friend said that, "Bianca knew what she was getting into when she started dating Kanye. But she found him charming." 


After their unofficial marriage, Bianca quickly cut her hair into a much shorter hairstyle, dyed it blonde, and started dressing differently. 

The 28-year-old's friends are apparently worried she is going to become Kanye's next Kim Kardashian, as the rapper famously prided himself on shaping how the reality star looked during their six-year marriage. 

"Kanye is trying to make Bianca into a radicalised version of Kim — almost like Kim 2.0," the source said. 

"The difference is that when Kim was with Kanye he was respected in the fashion world. He has since lost this respect." 

After a series of anti-Semitic sentiments were shared online and 'White Lives Matter' t-shirts appeared at Yeezy's show at Paris Fashion Week, this prompted Adidas, Vogue, Balenciaga and his own talent agency (among others) to cut ties with the rapper. 

Not much is known about what Bianca's family think of her relationship — most of their Instagram profiles have since switched to private. 

Earlier this year in January, Bianca's sister Angelina Censori told the Herald Sun that "It’s very exciting news for both my sister and the family but we choose to have some privacy for the time being."

Feature image: Instagram/@yeezymafia/@alyssia.censori.

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