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A definitive ranking of who we'd like to see as The Bachelorette in 2020.

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We’re still watching 2019 bachelorette Angie Kent’s love story play out on our TV screens, but some very keen people are already thinking ahead to next year.

There’s a petition doing the rounds calling for comedian Judith Lucy to take on the role in 2020 and people are DOWN FOR IT. Since going live two days ago, the petition has garnered more than 11,000 signatures at the time of writing.

Angie Kent explains what her relationship with her bachelorette winner is like now. Post continues below video.

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“Judith has just completed a sold-out tour of her show Judith Lucy v Men about her somewhat lacklustre dating history,” the petition states.

“Time to get this woman back in the game with some quality Aussie blokes. They’ll be lining up – and at their age, they’re probably not even trawling for Insta followers!”


The whole thing got us thinking… After we watch Angie and her chosen man (presumably) walk off into the sunset together, who do we want to watch date dozens of men for 1. our entertainment and 2. maybe love?

We asked around, and take note Network 10, this is who the people want:

6. Jackie ‘O’ Henderson.


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We love Jackie O and think she’d make a great bachelorette… Plus, she recently signed that big new $50 million contract, so she can afford to take a few months off work.

5. Kylie Minogue.

kylie-minogue 2019
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Network 10's budget is probably 1% of what Kylie would charge, but hey, we can dream because this would be FABULOUS.

She's technically dating GQ creative director Paul Solomon and we wish her all the happiness in the world... but if that doesn't work out, we hope Kylie would let Osher and his alpacas help her out.

4. Lindsay Lohan.


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We already know Lindsay's partial to an Australian reality TV show, affordable enough for 10 and single, which she confirmed to Kyle and Jackie O in September (like, she literally told them on the day she broke up with someone).

Besides, spending a bit of extra time in Australia will give her some time to brush up on her Aussie celeb knowledge in time for The Masked Singer season two, because we all know her guesses (Elton John? Shania Twain? La Toya Jackson?) were... optimistic to say the least.

A win-win.

3. Abbie Chatfield.


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The runner-up from the most recent series of The Bachelor is a pretty obvious choice for The Bachelorette. It's a formula that's worked before, so it wouldn't be a major surprise.

Abbie was a polarising figure during her time on Matt Agnew's season, so we're sure there would be some controversy if she was chosen... but doesn't that make it more fun? Besides, we have all the time in the world for a woman who is intent on spreading self-love, body positivity and calling out harsh double standards.

She's also keen to give it a go.

"I would love to be Bachelorette," she told Sydney Confidential this week.

"But I think it’s a really hard gig because you’re basically by yourself… I’d definitely consider [it], I think it would be lots of fun."

2. Yvie Jones.


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Angie and Yvie are no longer a package deal, but Yvie's wee cameo on The Bachelorette (throwing her best friend a hens party) was everything.

We'd love to see Angie do the same for Yvie, and Ciarran returning again to pose for a life drawing class is a non-negotiable for us but also Yvie, thank you very much.

Like Angie, Yvie's already loved by the Aussie public and she doesn't take herself too seriously, so it'd be a fun-filled season. And you know what Yvie would bring to the franchise? Dogs. Lots more dogs.

1. Judith Lucy.

judith lucy
Image: Judith Lucy/Facebook.

I mean... yes, we are among the 11,000 people who want this to happen.

The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise doesn't often have people older than their 30s, so it'd be pretty refreshing to watch 51-year-old Judith look for love.

Plus, she's absolutely hilarious and we need to know what ridiculousness she'd come up with for dates.  The petition said Judith is "utterly bemused" by the idea of being The Bachelorette, which is not a straight-up no to the idea. Osher, get Judith on the phone right now!

Who would you like to see on The Bachelorette 2020? Let us know in a comment below.