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1. Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith have welcomed their first child together.

Dawson’s Creek actor Joshua Jackson and Queen & Slim star Jodie Turner-Smith have welcomed a baby girl.

“Both mother and baby are happy and healthy,” the actors’ representatives confirmed to People earlier today.

The 33-year-old actress shared the news that she and Jackson were expecting their first child together on International Women’s Day, when she referred to the baby as “her” and “she” on her Instagram stories.

“Can you see her dancing in there? Every time I try to record she stops,” she said.

Earlier this month, Turner-Smith shared her baby bump in an Instagram post, reflecting on her ” fantastic voyage” into motherhood.

The couple were rumoured to have secretly married back in December last year, after Jackson broke up with his long time girlfriend Diane Kruger in 2016.

Turner-Smith later confirmed their marriage during an interview with The Sunday Times earlier this year.

“I haven’t said to anybody, ‘Yeah, we got married,’” she told the publication. “People are assuming whatever they want, but when people tell me ‘Congratulations,’ I say, ‘Thank you.’”


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2. Oh. MasterChef fans have just found out Poh’s age and they’re… shook.

If you are watching MasterChef right now (if you aren’t, we highly suggest it) there is one face that is instantly recognisable: season one runner-up Poh Ling Yeow.


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I just wanted to say the biggest thank u and send virtual hugs to everyone who watched the 1st Ep of @masterchefau #backtowin last night. I keep getting asked why I said yes to a second round of lunacy and the answer is the same everytime. Yes, Masterchef has helped me kick open a lot of professional doors but the alongside the rad stuff I learnt to cook was a personal journey that ran much deeper. As a 35 year old woman I felt like many parts of me were still unexpressed until then. I was still shaking off that childhood voice of doubt and feelings of never fitting in. So to everyone who has followed and supported my funny little career from then till now, thank u for helping me to understand and harness my capabilities. Im back to peel off more layers – wherever I land in this comp is a bonus. I hope all of you enjoy the ripper series that’s about to unfold but just a friendly reminder to please be kind on social media. The pressure on all of us as contestants and judges is very real. We’ve all made significant sacrifices to be back on the small screen and are all balancing focus on the comp so we can make fantastic TV for u but also on the existing culinary careers we’ve forged in what’s now a scape of uncertainty. U r of course entitled to all your opinions in the privacy of your own accounts, so please be decent humans and shizen on your own lawns, not on our ours ????????. Keep safe everyone and don’t get slack with your hand washing and social distancing. Excited to see you in Ep 2 tonight! #masterchef #masterchefau

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But what fans might not know is she is much older than she appears.

Poh, who came second to Julie Goodwin back in 2009, has since revealed she’s 47-years-old. And fans are… shook.


In the years following her appearance on the first series of MasterChef Australia, Poh has gone on to have a successful career in TV, released a number of cookbooks and launched a gourmet food stall and cafe.


Now, she is back to give it another go on this year’s season, MasterChef: Back To Win.

MasterChef: Back To Win is back tonight on Channel 10 at 7.30pm.

3. “I felt suffocated.” Chris Hemsworth on why he left Hollywood and moved back to Byron Bay.

Despite being at the peak of his career in 2015, Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth packed up his bags and moved home to Byron Bay.

The 36-year-old, who is best known for his role as Thor in the Marvel Avenger films, explained his decision to escape Hollywood when he began to “lose perspective”, to the Sunday Telegraph this week.

“When you’re suffocated by the work, every conversation that you’re having and every billboard you’re seeing is to do with a movie or whatever around the industry. You lose perspective,” he said.


Hemsworth explained that being home has meant he has more time to spend with his wife, Elsa Pataky, and two kids.

“There’s not a single person there that I interact with, or close friends of mine, that are really in the industry and so that’s hugely refreshing, it’s great for my kids and my wife.”

4. MAFS’ Mikey says he wishes he was matched with KC on the show and we have a feeling Michael won’t be… pleased.

In a VERY unexpected twist, Mikey Pembroke’s newest Instagram live show: Mikey on TV, has spilt some serious goss that may upset fellow groom, Michael.


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Welcome to my IGTV #mikeyontv Let’s start the way we mean to go on… Put a smile on ya dial #pantsoffiso Jocks By @garofali

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While responding to questions from fans, Mikey said he believed he would have had more success on the show if he had been paired with KC Osbourne.

Yes, the same KC who was originally paired with Drew Brauer, and who got together with Michael Goonan after the show.


“Obviously I find her attractive,” Mikey began.

“But, more importantly, she is a good dancer, she has got a good sense of humour and she was just someone I got on with.”

5. A fight over carrots and the MKR rivalry: The biggest ever MasterChef Australia feuds.

MasterChef Australia really is the kind of reality TV show we need right now.

The new all stars format welcomed back 24 of the best contestants from previous Masterchef seasons along with three shiny new judges: chef Jock Zonfrillo, food writer Melissa Leong, and former MasterChef winner Andy Allen.

So far, so wholesome.

masterchef judges feuds

There’s been enthusiasm, good food, tight competitions and (pre-social distancing) high fives and hugs. When so much is uncertain, we’re pleased we can switch on to MasterChef for positivity and deconstructed meals on the reg.

Unlike so many other reality shows, MasterChef is not known for its drama. The focus is on the food, not (manufactured) scandals.

But that doesn't mean all is always well in the MasterChef world. The series is now in its 11th year, and over the years there's certainly been a number of feuds and drama behind-the-scenes, even if it didn't show on screen.

Here are the biggest MasterChef-related feuds, and uh, a lot of them relate to the show's biggest competitor, My Kitchen Rules:


Marco Pierre White vs Matt Preston.

In 2016 British chef Marco Pierre White's son Marco Pierre White Jnr was cast in Celebrity Big Brother UK, during which he was filmed having sex with a co-star.

It was aired on British television - a decision blasted by his famous chef father - and after Matt Preston commented on the controversy during a radio interview on the Kyle and Jackie O show, it ignited a feud between the pair.

During the interview, Preston suggested Pierre White Jnr was off the rails.

"I think it is that terrible thing when you have kids that go off the rails, how do you deal with it?" he told the radio hosts.

"I don't know. I don't think Marco has a solution, I don't think anyone has a solution."

He then claimed Pierre White Jnr may be involved with drugs.

"I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with your children having a highly evolved social life but I think the drugs might be a little bit of a worry," he said.

For more MasterChef feuds, read our earlier article here.

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