'I've spent $60,000 on procedures.' Jessika Power doesn't care what you think about her face.

Married At First Sight‘s Jessika Power makes a lot of headlines.

About her relationships, about her social media antics, and about her face.

This month, Jessika confirmed she’s spent about $60,000 altering her appearance. Among the procedures, she’s had teeth veneers, lip filler, cheek filler, jaw slimming and a brow lift, plus had fat from her thighs injected into her breasts.

Exactly what goes on behind-the-scenes with the MAFS experts… Post continues below video.

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For some reason people care, a lot. They feel the need to have and share opinions about her face. Her Instagram is full of both praise and nasty comments: “Unnatural”, “Disturbed”, “You look like a thunderbirds character”. Those same comments existed before her post-MAFS 2019 procedures, and they obviously still exist now.

Jessika is open and honest about the procedures she’s had, she’s happy to talk about them and answer queries.

But don’t be mistaken: Jessika Power does not care what you think about her face. Or her body. Because after all, it’s her face and her body.

When asked why she’s had work done, Jessika explains it simply: She wants to, and she has the means to do so.


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For the record, she tells Mamamia she calls it “perfecting”: making small tweaks to her appearance because she wants to.

There’s speculation that she felt pressure to look a certain way after Married At First Sight, but Jessika insists she’s done it for herself.

“I didn’t feel pressure from the public,” she tells Mamamia.

Watching herself on TV, she thought she looked “gaunt and sunken in” (the curse of strong bone structure, she says), so the cheek fillers were to plump her face up a bit. It’s these personal thoughts – not the opinions of viewers – that informed her decisions.


“Obviously I had thousands and thousands and thousands of people saying ‘you look shit’, but if I thought I looked good I wouldn’t have changed anything.

“Now I love my lips, but people are stilling saying ‘you’re lips look stupid’, but I just say ‘bugger you, I like it’.

“If that’s what I want to do then that’s what I want to do… if I want to do these little tweaks that are still giving me mobilisation in my face then whatever, or if I want to look like Frankenstein’s monster then I will.”

Speaking to Mamamia in July 2019, Jessika explained that she was still – months after MAFS concluded – confused as to why so many people have an opinion on what she looks like, but she’s never let it get her down.


“Oh my god people care, they want to know when the next procedure is, what the procedure was, what eye cream am I wearing?” she said.

“I find it so strange. I don’t think my family even batted an eyelid when I had my veneers done or when I had my lips done. The second I do something it blows up, two page spreads in magazines and all over the internet.”

The trolling, the negative reactions, the fact that people click on articles about her just to roll their eyes or make nasty assumptions? She says it’s doing her a favour.

“If you think I’m so ugly or so plastic, then why are you talking about it or commenting about it? If I thought that about someone I wouldn’t pay them any attention,” she says.

“Every week I have a new boyfriend, every week I’m cheating on someone, every week I’m doing something else.

“I just let it go now. You know what? It gives me the headlines which gives me the engagement which puts money in my account.”

Those headlines, engagement, and money, create opportunities that create more headlines, more engagement, and more money, and unlike so many other reality TV stars, the interest in Jessika doesn’t seem to be dying down.

So, for that, Jessika can say thanks to the trolls, for caring so much about her face.

This article was originally posted on July 12, 2019 and has been updated on March 6, 2020.