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Selfies, a backroom bar and twerking: Everything the MAFS stars got up to on Logies night.

For approximately nine months following a reality TV show, its stars are everywhere.

You see, there’s only a short window of time where they can gain their Insta followers before another season comes around and we sort of just… forget about them.

Season six of MAFS began in January (and ended an eternity later, in April), so you bet the stars are making the absolute most of their time in the spotlight before it, uh, fades.

That includes a fun trip to the Gold Coast for the Logies, if they were lucky enough to get a (partial) invite.

A number of this year’s MAFS cast were in the GC and walked the red carpet, but they weren’t permitted to actually attend the show. After getting their photos taken, they were shuffled into a backroom bar inside The Star Casino to watch the Logies on TV, just like the rest of us.


But of course, each of the cast documented their night for our stalking pleasure. Here are what the cast of MAFS got up to at (or not at) the Logies:

Jessika and Ines.

Jessika and Ines really wanted us to know they weren’t at the Logies, but were still out for a good time.

Jessika told the Daily Mail she and fellow show ‘villain’ Ines would’ve attended if they were invited but the awards show wanted to “play it safe” by inviting all the “boring MAFS people”.



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Cocktails in my active wear [email protected] @barnineteen89

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Instead, they spent their Sunday on the couch, watching Netflix and eating burgers from Uber Eats… Nah, just kidding. They were drinking, doing shots and twerking in a bar only an hour away from where their former cast mates were hanging out.

And did we mention they were doing said drinking and twerking in their activewear?

jessika mafs logies
When you have cocktails at 6 but F45 at 8. Image: Instagram.
ines mafs logies
Image: Instagram.

After their cast mates got all glammed up, they spent the night in a bar as well... just in way less comfortable attire. Maybe Jess and Ines had the right idea after all.

Martha and Michael.

We sometimes forget that a couple other than Cam and Jules survived the MAFS experiment, but here we are. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

While walking the red carpet, Martha and Michael did their best Kim and Kanye impression.

martha mafs logies
Kris Jenner works hard but Martha works harder. Image: Instagram.

After the red carpet, Martha and Michael joined their cast mates at the bar to scull beers while watching the awards show on TV.

michael mafs logies
Drink responsibly, kids. Image: Instagram.

Following the show the pair skipped the after parties in favour of hotel room service, and honestly we can't blame them.

"Can I order a club sandwich and a ham and cheese toastie please?" Michael can be heard asking on the phone in Martha's Instagram story.

And french fries, of course.


Elizabeth was living her best life on the red carpet, interviewing celebs (like the MAFS 'experts' who set her up with Sam...) and then posing for pics herself.


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#Logies #tvweeklogies

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Once moved to the bar with her costars, Elizabeth joked around with Martha and took a bunch of selfies.

Then she continued to live her best life: By going to bed.

elizabeth mafs logies
Elizabeth is us. Image: Instagram.


Sadly, cyclone Cyrell was not in attendance - opting to hang out with boyfriend Eden Dally instead - but her ex-husband Nic really enjoyed his Logies experience.

Nic did well to grab a selfie with The Voice coach Boy George before heading back to the bar with his MAFS pals to watch the show.

nic mafs logies
Image: Instagram.

He did share his disappointment that MAFS lost out to MasterChef Australia for most popular reality show, despite receiving the highest ratings out of the nominees.

"What's going on? No one ever talks about Survivor or Masterchef," he joked.


Oh... Mike.

Before even attending the event, Mike made a (for some reason, shirtless) video of himself on Instagram appealing for votes for MAFS. It didn't... work.

mike mafs logies
Sorry but precisely no one is voting for MAFS. Image: Instagram.

On the red carpet Mike met Mamamia's Clare and Jessie Stephens... and yelled at them for all the things they wrote about him in their recaps.

He tried to convince them he isn't that bad and launched an "IN MY DEFENCE" argument which, much like his Insta video, didn't work.

He then spent his time taking photos with actual famous people like The Voice coaches (except really famous person Kelly Rowland ) and hanging with Young Sheldon (?).

mike mafs logies
Kelly was 'busy'. Image: Instagram.

Selfie game strong.

Cam and Jules.

Actual angels Cam and Jules were channelling a Bond film with their red carpet looks.


After the red carpet, Cam and Jules both went quiet on their socials... until this morning when they woke up and reposted videos of themselves really enjoying an after party at 2.30am. Solid effort!


Heidi achieved what ex-hubby Mike could not at the red carpet: A photo with The Voice coach Kelly Rowland.

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She's now just one degree of separation from Beyonce - so despite being matched with a man who always left his towels on the ground, having her 'social experiment' fail and not win any award at an awards show - Heidi is the real winner here.