Celeb in 5: Tuesday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. Jackie O has unleashed over the “disgusting” rumours about her marriage breakdown.

Jackie ‘O’ Henderson has hit back at salacious rumours that Beau Ryan played a role in her marriage breakdown on-air this morning.

Last month, Jackie announced that she and her husband of 15 years, Lee Henderson were separating – telling the Daily Telegraph they had done so “amicably, sharing many incredible memories and remaining best friends”.

“Our focus for this next chapter is, of course, our wonderful daughter and continuing to provide her love and happiness, together,” she added about her seven-year-old daughter Kitty.

But while her intention was to ensure their split was free from media scrutiny in the interest of her family, rumours have emerged that she and her occasional co-host Beau, who is also married, are “more than just friends”.


New Idea and Woman’s Day both quoted anonymous sources suggesting Jackie and Beau have “obvious chemistry” and that Jackie has “found comfort in the arms” of the former NRL star.

The Woman’s Day source was quoted as saying they “completely understand why Lee was jealous,” suggesting their close friendship led to the separation.

This morning, on the KIIS FM Kyle and Jackie O show, Jackie called the rumours “disgusting”, to which Kyle agreed.

Later in the program, she added: “I am aware this story involves more people than just me and they are made up stories, there’s no truth to them whatsoever.

“It is completely false and those types of allegations are really hurtful to both families involved in this.”

Calling in to the program, Beau told the hosts he was “hounded by pararazzi” while dropping his daughter to school.

“It got quite scary there. The guy was driving erratically… I had to go and confront the guy to get rid of him,” he said.

2. Osher has defended Ali Oetjen from her critics’ biggest issue with her on The Bachelorette.

As if we needed another reason to adore Osher Günsberg, our Bachie king has gone ahead and defended Ali Oetjen on her decision to kiss as many men on television as she damn well wishes because guess what? She can.


Osher for PM.

Throughout the season, Ali has been criticised for getting her pash on with a couple of the boys in the mansion which is… um… exactly what the Honey Badger and almost every other Bachelor has done in the history of the show?

Are we missing something?

Contestant Charlie Newling even subtly slut-shamed Ali in last Wednesday’s episode, problematically commenting that she was too “spread out” and NO.

That is most definitely not an OK thing to say. Ali can kiss every single contestant if she pleases – it’s her choice and her show, Charlie. Pls. (But in actual fact, she’s only kissed five blokes so far.)

Calling out the double standard in an interview with TV Week, Osher commented:

“Nobody blinks an eye when the Bachelor has a pash on a single date. But when a beautiful, smart, independent woman goes, ‘I think you’re alright, let’s have a kiss’, people react strangely. For me, that’s the most fascinating part of the show.”


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With so many candelabras, the only way to stand out was to whip out this blue velvet beauty for tonight’s show…#bacheloretteau

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How can such a perfect human being even exist?

We are not worthy.

3. The Veronicas’ Lisa Origliasso just shared her first photo from her magical wedding.

Our 14-year-old selves are screaming.

Lisa Origliasso from The Veronicas just shared a photo from her wedding to Logan Huffman and it is fire.

She wore a gown by Melbourne designer J’Aton and JUST LOOK:


Somewhat inspired by the European royals of yesteryear (she’s only human), Lisa told Vogue of her choice of gown:

“For my wedding dress I wanted to embody the romance period of the Victorian era, yet still have the forward graces of the ’30s and ’40s. Inspired by my heritage from the old countries, my French & Italian ancestries played a big part in choosing the fabrics and intricate details of my veil and accessories,” she said.


US actor Logan Huffman and Lisa, queen of our mid-2000s iPod shuffles, got engaged in December 2016, and judging by the photo above, their Queensland wedding was no less than a magical affair.

…Is anyone else getting vibes from the Untouched film clip aesthetic?

4. Adele has some feelings about the Spice Girls reunion, and honestly, same.

Adele is one of those celebrities who continually makes you nod and say “same”.

I mean, the woman threw herself a Titanic-theme party for her 30th birthday.

But this time the 30-year-old has posted a throwback picture on Instagram, and it could honestly be a photo of any of us during the ’90s.

In the photo, the British singer is seen singing into what appears to be a half-eaten strawberry… maybe… in front of a wall of Spice Girls posters and SAME.


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HA! This is how I feel right now! I AM READY ✌????

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Literally every ’90s girls has a variation of this photo.

Bring on the Spice Girls tour.

5. The trick the young royals use to stop paparazzi from getting the perfect photo.

The royals are some of the most photographed people in the world, with every event guaranteeing dozens if not hundreds of photographers scrambling to get a photo.

But despite their relaxed nature, and ability to handle the press, according to a recent Vanity Fair profile of Prince Charles, the younger generation of royals are much more considered when it comes to their media presence.

Vanity Fair spoke to photographers who said Prince William and Duchess Catherine will “go out of their way not to look at the ‘fixed point’ where photographers gather,” with one source labelling them as “‘control freaks’ about their coverage”.

And they have a point…

Read the full story, and see photographic proof here.