Osher Gunsberg was called by the wrong name on radio. His response was bloody brilliant.

Excuse us, it has just come to our attention that as the country got lost in the frenzy of The Bachelor finale last week, we missed a terribly unimportant but highly entertaining radio moment.

But don’t worry. We’re here to rectify that.

As the reality TV show was reaching its astonishing ending, The Bachelor presenter Osher Gunsberg appeared on Sydney radio channel The Edge 96.1FM to chat to breakfast hosts Mike E and Emma.

This happened on Wednesday morning, but The Edge also went onto start airing the exchange as a promotional sound bite for the show.

And, well, it’s easy to see why. Because things started out a teensy bit awkward.

“Well it’s finale week of The Bachelor where Nick finally chooses the one he wants to be with. We’ve got the host of The Bachelor, Osher Gunsberg, on the line,” Emma announced.

Only, she made a bit of a blooper. She pronounced Osher’s surname ‘Goonsberg’ instead of ‘Ginsberg’.

I KNOW. I know.

It might be an easy mistake for many Aussies to make (sorry, Osh, that’s just how we were taught to pronounce a ‘u’ in that context)… but probably not something you want to do on-air with him.

“It’s ‘Ginsberg’, Emma,” Osher replied, promptly correcting her. “And lovely to talk with you.”

“Oh, sh*t,” Emma said sheepishly, before her co-host Mike jumped in.


“I was saying to Emma it’s ‘Ginsberg’. She was saying – and this is all off air – no its ‘Goonsberg’. And I’m like, you know what, you just intro it then.”

Osher then shot back with some rather impressive sass.

“If you want, you can listen to any one of the 255 episodes of my podcast where I pronounce my name every time,” he said. (Side note, you really should listen to it, it’s brilliant.)

Emma apologised and Mike went onto call Osher ‘Usher’, so that’s… great.

But the Osher we know and love isn’t one to hold a grudge. The interview ended rosily with plenty of “love yous” tossed around.

After Osher hung up, Mike joked that he should have kept the name ‘Andrew G’ – the moniker he was known by during his Australian Idol hosting days.

“Who gives a sh*t? It’s one little different letter in his name,” Mike said, referring to Emma’s mistake. “If he just stuck with Andrew G then we wouldn’t have had this problem.”

Ah, the trials an tribulations of having a unique name.