The reason why Jackie O doesn’t think she will let her daughter go on sleepovers.


It’s the question every parent dreads, usually followed up by a million questions of your own.

Whenever your child asks you if they can sleep over at a friend‘s house, chances are you’ve then asked: “Who are they? Have I met the parents? Who else will be there?”

Even if all the answers check out, you’ll probably still have more than a few hesitations about actually letting them go.

Jackie O knows this feeling all too well, and while she says her seven-year-old daughter Kitty still hasn’t asked for a sleepover yet, she knows the time is coming, and she’s not completely ready for it.

Kitty is Jackie’s only child with her husband of 15 years, Lee Henderson.

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Speaking candidly on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, the KIIS FM breakfast radio host said she’s still not sure if she’ll allow her daughter to sleep over at friends’ houses.

The 43-year-old said it’s a matter of safety, and knowing for sure her child will be okay if she sleeps at somebody else’s house.

“I’m still undecided about whether I’m going to let Kitty do sleepovers,” she said.

“When your kid does a sleepover, you have to know you trust those parents inside and out.”

And Jackie said there are plenty of mums who feel the exact same way about the dreaded sleepover.

“Yeah, it’s a thing. I’ve had conversations about this with friends before,” she added.

By comparison, Jackie said her own mum was a lot more lax about her going on sleepovers when she was a little girl.

“I feel like my mum let me sleep at people’s houses she didn’t even know!” she said.

“I remember sleeping at friends’ houses who weren’t even really good friends. Mum didn’t know the parents.”