"She made my life hell." The interview that got Jackie O blacklisted.

Jackie Henderson, one half of KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O, spoke on Friday morning about one of her worst ever interviews.

In a segment called ‘O News’, Henderson told a story about an incident that occurred between her and former Glee actor Lea Michele.

Michele’s name was mentioned in passing, at which point Sandilands said: “Who cares about that kid? Can’t stand that girl.”

Henderson responded that she is “no big fan either” after the actress’ response to an interview question on their show a few years ago.

“They got screwed over those kids,” the 43-year-old began, in reference to the actors who appeared on Glee. 

“They signed up for the first season and they [producers] made sure they signed them on for like six season after, even if it was the biggest show, they wouldn’t get a pay rise.”

Henderson explained that it was one of the biggest news stories of the time, so she asked Michele for comment.

“Oh god, the frickin’ backlash I got,” Henderson said. “She made my life hell.”

The pair were blacklisted by Michele’s agent, meaning they could not get access to a number of high profile celebrity interviews.

This is not the first time radio’s most controversial duo have seen a public backlash.

Local celebrity Rob Mills has said he “hates” Kyle and Jackie O after he was subjected to a “gross” prank. Other Australian personalities like Ernie Dingo and Blake Garvey have hung up on the pair mid-interview.

International celebrities such as Cameron Diaz and Harry Styles have also blacklisted the radio show after being offended by questions they were asked.

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