LEIGH CAMPBELL: 'The one beauty trend I’m saying NO to.'

Mascara is dead.

So says the internet, anyway. More specifically, an article written by Glamour UK asking a huge question — is mascara uncool in 2024?

Turns out 'naked lashes'  are a thing, in that we are calling it a trend. If you ask me, it’s just not putting mascara on, but hey, apparently anything can be called a trend these days.

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I can kinda see how we got here. The ‘It girls’ of Instagram and TikTok are all about ethereal no-makeup makeup right now, with glowing skin and rosy cheeks that make you wonder if they just finished a Pilates class. Seemingly no eye makeup, and maybe not even any base — just a radiant complexion.

It’s an interesting pendulum swing to observe from the full coverage foundation, meticulous liner and mascara and perfect brows we saw everywhere a few years ago.

But for me, a nearly 42-year-old woman who has a four-year-old and a career and a crazy schedule and issues getting enough sleep, if I try to pull off that look I'm often asked if I'm not feeling well. 


I mean, half the week I’m actually on-trend, accidentally, because all I do is slap on sunscreen when I’m with my son or running errands. Turns out I’m cool without even knowing it!

But on the other days, I’ll be happily uncool, curling my lashes and swiping on mascara because it makes me feel good. And that’s the joy of trends, they're not compulsory.

Mamamia's beauty editor Erin Docherty wrote about the no-mascara trend last week, explaining what it is being replaced with (turns out there are some nifty alternatives!). Wanna know what they are? Click here

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