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reannon March 27, 2024

I love this series!

reannon March 6, 2024

I think we call this a “cleaning” hack, not a “cleansing” hack.

reannon March 4, 2024

Leigh, is there any chance you have already written, or could write, a piece on how to build a capsule wardobe? I am in a major style crisis and do not know how to dress my almost 45 year old self anymore.

reannon March 2, 2024

I've made bread, cheese, butter plenty of times, never all in the same morning so my kids could have cheese toasties,  & let me tell you it takes HOURS!!!!! If these trad wives are making everything they eat from scratch daily there is ZERO time to clean, hang with your kids, be with your husband or do anything really.

If you are going to show yourself making food be honest & say "this stuff takes a whole day" 

reannon February 28, 2024

I’m with you Leigh, there is no way I’m not wearing mascara. I’ll be happily uncool too. 

reannon December 13, 2023

Thank god there’s a celebrity being honest about this. 

reannon November 21, 2023

I’d seen his videos pop up on my socials so thought I’d give the special a go yesterday. From the start I thought “wow, this is not how I thought this would go!” And after about 10 minutes I turned it off. Not funny at all. 

reannon October 1, 2023

I used to crave more friendships, to have the big gaggle of woman to hang with but as I’ve gotten older I realise that having a couple of close friends is really all I need now. I see them every now & then because our lives are full of work & family stuff but that’s ok. I also enjoy having time to myself, now more than ever, so don’t actively seek out new friendships. I’m open to them if they come my way but I’m ok if they don’t. 

reannon September 14, 2023

When I heard you say on the pod the other day about how your looked at you daughter & thought about how she will spend the rest of her life trying to stay the size she is now as a teen it hit home so hard. I’m 44 & only in the last few years have I stopped trying to shrink my body back to how it “used to be” . Nothing else about me is how it used to be (except maybe the music I listen to!) so why do I think my body has to be?!

reannon August 16, 2023

 This is why we stopped watching a few years ago- we aren’t here for drama, we just want to see them all work on their houses! 

reannon August 7, 2023

I girl mathed today when explaining to my husband that returning all my empty coke no sugar cans to the depot pretty much meant the next time I buy it, it’s pretty much free! He tried to regular math me saying he’s pretty sure my coke addiction costs us money but that’s not how I see it. Girl maths. 

reannon July 24, 2023

Clare, don’t you dare try & ruin the notebook for me. I will not have it!!!

reannon July 23, 2023

@meganrsaw thanks. She loves all the shrek movies so I’ll keep my promise & take her. 

reannon July 21, 2023

I need to know if I can take my 9 year old to it? I’ve read that it’s fine for her but then people who have seen it say no way? Thoughts?

reannon July 7, 2023

How, & why, is Fourth Wing not in this list?! It’s the book that is everywhere!!!

reannon July 4, 2023


reannon June 18, 2023

@taintedblackcat  I thought the same thing! Screams publishing stunt to me. 

reannon June 15, 2023

I don’t care if she got a discount to talk about it I’m just happy she actually is talking about it instead of giving us the usual BS celebrities give us about how they look so smooth/young. 

reannon June 8, 2023

I’m 44 & this year I decided to finally step away from the diets, the restriction & the scales. It has been such a great thing for me. I can see my body getting bigger, my face getting rounded & feel my clothes getting tighter. And I DO. NOT. CARE. Not anymore. I am so sick of this shit around only being your best self if you are your smallest self. I’m done with it. 

reannon June 7, 2023

I had to laugh that this story was underneath the story about the cost of living & rising interest rates.  Who is able to able to afford clothes at these prices when everything else is  so damn expensive. One of these jackets is the same price as my weekly groceries for a family of 4….