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reannon May 20, 2022

Can’t wait!!!

reannon May 4, 2022

@mamamia-user-482898552 im not saying she’s a positive role model but not am I suggesting she’s a bad role model, what I’m saying is I’m happier hearing someone say “I had to sacrifice & work hard to look like this” compared to hearing the usual trope of “it’s genetic/I eat everything” 

reannon May 3, 2022

As someone who spent a lot of her life battling disordered eating I’m not bothered by Kim telling us how she fit that dress, I actually think it was good she was truthful because how many times do we hear thin woman say “oh I eat burgers all the time & running after my kids keeps my fit”? I find that narrative more troubling because then you look at those woman & think, well, I eat burgers & run after my kids but do not look like that. At least kim told us she had to make sacrifices, sacrifices most of us wont ever be able to make (who owns a sauna suit?!), to look a certain way. And Kim isn’t saying she does this all the time to maintain her weight, it was for a short period of time to make a look work. She’s pretty health focused in general (yes, im a huge KUWTK fan, I know more than I should) so I bet she stopped all that stuff right after the gala, ate a burger & fries & then went

 back to her regular way of staying slim & healthy which is having a chef prepare her meals & having trainer come to her house every day, also things that aren’t achievable for most of us common folk. 

reannon May 2, 2022

I have 4 kids & 3 of them are fussy, terrible eaters. The years I have spent feeling guilty & like the worst parent in the world because of how my kids eat is ridiculous. My adult children have grown into lovely men despite one of them living on apples & peanut butter toast. I have two younger ones that are still in primary school & im trying to be a bit more relaxed about their eating. I try my best but if all else fails it’s cereal for dinner & pretzels, aples, Oreos & a sandwich in their lunchbox. 

reannon April 15, 2022

I watched very season & spin off of KUWTK & I’ll watch every ep of this. I’m tragic & I don’t care. But those speedy drone shots need to go, they were too much! 

reannon April 13, 2022

@mamamia-user-482898552 exactly! these are things I want to know! Like, how big was their mortgage  that they paid off? Did they get help from parents? I need more details!!!

reannon April 13, 2022

I would love to see some articles on HOW all these people pay off their mortgages so quickly. Are they earning huge salaries? Are they working multiply jobs? Do they have kids? Do they live on basics & not save? It just seems impossible to me. 

reannon April 12, 2022

I feel like Ryan is becoming the face of mens vulnerability in Australia and I love hearing it. Every time I hear him speak (big imperfects fan) I always think what a good man he  is. 

reannon April 9, 2022

Love these book posts. I always find more to add to my ever growing to-be read list!

reannon March 25, 2022

What I love is it’s  all so low key. She didn’t try to drink 2 litres straight up, just 500ml, she didn’t go straight to “veg at every meal” , just one a day. I love the mediocrity of it! 

reannon March 25, 2022

This is just so bloody sad. 

reannon March 9, 2022

@rush it is a difficult situation but made even more difficult because he is also using meth while driving unlicensed with an unrestrained child in the car. The story of Denim’s arrest & court case are all over the papers here in the west so Con would be silly to think people don’t know there’s more to the story than the repercussions of his accident. But maybe she’s finally decided to keep some things private & that’s totally ok too. 

reannon March 3, 2022

Mia, are you wearing a jacket made of parachute material?!!!!!

reannon February 28, 2022

I have a friend & for more than 6 years we have communicated over WhatsApp voice messages. We live across the country from one another & have built our entire friendship online, first through Facebook, then through my blog & then Instagram. We actually grew up in the same town & had the same group of friends but at different times. Somehow our lives crossed over again about 8 years ago & now she’s one of my closest friends.

  We leave each other long rambling monologues where we talk about what’s happening in our day, issues we are having, things we have been cooking/buying/making/watching/reading. We debrief & get it all out over these messages. We usually record & listen in our cars because it’s the only time we are alone. . Occasionally we’ll call each other but 99% of our communication is through voice messages. It works for us because of the time differences & we both work, have families & full days. It works for us. 

reannon February 20, 2022


reannon February 14, 2022


reannon February 14, 2022

@LHurls hit the browse button up too & then exclusive videos 😊

reannon February 10, 2022

@talezassian I’ve read the book & listened to every ep of Chat10 & Leigh never discusses her marriage break-up. The pod isn’t really about the their personal lives, it’s about what the watch/listen to/read/occasionally cook. You get great insight into their friendship & who they are off screen but if you’re hoping for pour-your-heart out stuff or gossip, you’re in the wrong place. 

reannon February 10, 2022

What an absolute gem of a human Leigh Sales is. I’ll miss watching her in the evenings but hopefully she’ll never be too far away from the ABC. I swear, if  she announces that her & AC are ending Chat10 as well I’ll be bloody inconsolable!!!!

reannon February 3, 2022

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching AJLT & the fashion has been SO fun!!!! I want to be an older woman who wears all the fun clothes because I’ve been the younger woman who wore the fun clothes but in my current life I have NOWHERE to wear the fun clothes! Makes me sad to look in my wardrobe & see all the fun print dresses & jumpsuits going to waste. One day soon I hope my lifestyle has room for these clothes once again.