Apparently, mascara is over. Here’s what replacing it.

Last week, there was an article written by Glamour UK questioning whether mascara was 'out' for 2024. Yes, mascara! The one desert island makeup product most of us wouldn't dare part with.

According to the viral piece, gone are the days of spidery, full mascara-coated lashes that promise everything from 'LIFT!' to 'LENGTH!', 'VOLUME!' and everything in between. Apparently a new era is signalling a rebrand of minimal makeup — and mascara, the GOAT of our makeup kit, is noticeably absent.  

The replacement? 'Naked lashes'.

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Read: No mascara. No glue-on falsies. No statement extensions. Just soft, fluffy natural lashes — subtle curl optional. Because in 2024, lashes are noticeable, natural and ever-so subtly lifted to enhance your eyes and features.

If you're wondering how this... happened... it's not necessarily a sudden shift. Rather, it's something that's been going on for a while now — and it comes down to several things. Most notably, the 'clean makeup' and minimal 'no-makeup' makeup movement. 

You see, we're in an era of acceptance and inclusivity — and the days of heavy makeup and concealing our skin's texture are also, arguably, over.


This has also ushered in an evolution of makeup as we once knew it, with brands releasing a wider selection of alternative products. From tinted moisturisers and tints to clear mascara and lash serums, the market is literally *bursting* with a new species of hybrid formulas that prioritise a minimal makeup approach.

Think about some of the more recent lash serum launches, such as Benefit Cosmetics Whoop Lash Serum, $89, and VEGAMOUR Gro Lash Serum, $118. There's also the wave of clear mascara formulas such as Ere Perez Aloe Gel Lash & Brow Mascara, $42 and e.l.f. Clear Brow and Lash Mascara — Crystal, $7.

These kinds of products offer translucent, vitamin-rich formulas with a low-key glossy finish. No clumping. No over-emphasis. Just naturally defined, healthy lashes.

And according to makeup artist Mia Connor, we're about to see the trend everywhere. "I personally have been rocking the no eye makeup of late, letting my skin do all the talking. I call it 'lazy girl clean beauty'," she shared with Mamamia

Hey, we love lazy beauty!

"There is nothing more youthful and elegant as a bare eye with statement skin — it’s giving Vogue and I’m here for it!" she added. "Excessive eye makeup on some faces can be quite ageing and sometimes harsh, particularly if not executed well. 'Bare-eyed beauty' is an absolute fail proof, time-saving hack that anyone can rock — at any age."

"Anything that shaves time off my makeup routine, I’m here for. The busy girl beauty hack of the year!"


So, where did the no-mascara trend come from?

One of the long-standing fans of the approach? Our friend Hailey Bieber.

The founder of Rhode Skin and queen of pared-back makeup is rarely seen wearing heavy eye looks on social media, often forgoing eyeshadow and mascara completely.

There's also Bella Hadid, who recently uploaded pictures of her birthday party. Noticeably missing from the invite list? Mascara.


While there's something to be said for the 'horse girl' aesthetic in itself (we'll get into this another day), the photos show an overall minimal, low-key makeup look with very deliberately bare lashes.

As pointed out by Glamour UK, there's also actress Florence Pugh

Makeup artist Alex Babsky uploaded a picture of the actress to his Instagram, captioned, "Super-fresh @florencepugh today (we even left off mascara 🤭) for Dune: Part 2 press in Mexico City."


Also on the no-mascara list? Mariah Carey.

In an interview, she told Vogue, "I hate mascara, I never wear it. Whenever a makeup artist tried to put it on me, I throw a fit... If you're not wearing a lot of makeup, you don't have to take a lot of it off. So, my goal is to wear the least amount of makeup possible so I don't have to steam my face and take it all off."


Of course, we also have Kylie Jenner. In an interview with Hommegirls, she too discussed paring back her makeup routine, sharing, "I think less is more. I've really gotten down my full look, it's still the same look but way less. I'm just embracing my natural beauty, my freckles, and my bushy brows."


And the trend has definitely made its way to the masses. Mamamia spoke with 25-year-old Justine, who told us no-mascara has been her personal preference for a long time.

"After becoming so used to not wearing mascara, it's become almost impossible to wear it without my lashes feeling clumpy or uncomfortable. I hate it," she said. "I actually like the way my lashes look without it."

As for 32-year-old Beth, the thought of ditching mascara just because it's not 'in' anymore, is completely terrifying.

"Absolutely not. You'll have to pry my mascara out of my cold, dead hands before I stop wearing it — I wear it every single day and feel naked without it on. It's my Holy Grail."

Ultimately, it's a reminder of how often beauty standards shift shape and how important it is to stick with what makes you feel great. And if that means wearing mascara, you do you.

After all, that's what beauty should be all about, right?

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