The conversation that made a MAFS' groom uncomfortable "straight away" at the boys' night.

“‘Boys’ night. Certainly was an interesting one!” Married at First Sight’s Patrick Miller posted to Instagram after last night’s episode.

And oh, is that an understatement.

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Last night’s episode saw men and women separated into groups – similar to Year Three renditions of the playground game ‘Kiss Chasey’ – and talked between themselves about how they’re finding the experiment.

Speaking to The Fix, Miller, an operations Manager from Melbourne said he was uncomfortable “pretty much straight away” with the “locker room talk” shared by the male contestants.

Carly and Justin are meant to be spicing things up, but it isn’t going great. We debrief, on our Married At First Sight podcast.

“Going into boys’ night, I was in the car with Dean Wells and we were having some pretty open discussions about our relationships, and it got me on the back foot a little bit,” the 34-year-old said. “Because he was sort of calling out what’s happening with Charlene and me, and I thought, ‘Alright this is gonna be interesting’.”

Charlene Perera, 33, a brand manager in Melbourne, is Miller’s ‘wife’ and the pair have been one of the most loved-up couples this season. Miller has said previously he shares an “emotional connection” with Perera and that they “get along really well”.

But that’s not the sort of connection the ‘boys’ were interested in.

“The guys just started opening up about who they’d like [to sleep with]. It was very fast,” he said.

“I’m a jock, but once guys start talking about their partners, I sort of shy around from that topic. I think it’s a bit disrespectful. You should not be speaking about your partners like that. It doesn’t matter if we’re in an experiment or everyday life.”

It wasn’t only partners, either. Miller was shocked when fellow-contestant Troy Delmege, 35, from Sydney, began talking about feeling sexual attracted to the mother of his ‘ride, Ashley Irvin.

But not all was lost, with Miller taking the opportunity to comfort one-half of the show’s crowd-favourite-couple, Telv Williams.


There are rumours circulating that Williams and his ‘wife’ Sarah Roza have split following an argument, but Miller was quick to assure the 33-year-old from Perth, not all is lost.

“I see that Telv gets carried away a little bit. He can be a very blokey bloke at times, and I guess I was just looking out for him as a friend. Just trying to remind him of what he wants, where he comes from, and to play his cards right.”

And with that, Miller might have just cemented himself as the most mature ‘boy’ at the MAFS boys’ night?

Listen to Clare and Jessie Stephens debrief on last night’s ep in full, on our recap podcast. 

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