New allegations emerge about Making A Murderer Steven Avery's violent past against women.

Old stories about Steven Avery are coming back to haunt him.

The convicted killer, whose guilt was called into question by the Netflix series Making A Murderer, won the right to appeal last month. His case will be re-examined by a Wisconsin court.

But an article in UK newspaper The Sun is suggesting that the series left out some vital details. That article has got Avery’s lawyer Kathleen Zellner all fired up, and she’s gone on the attack on Twitter.

“Wow, Wisconsin’s second-biggest fame-seeking loser attorney tries to scam a few bucks off UK’s biggest rag with recycled rumors rejected at Avery’s trial,” Zellner tweeted today. “Just knew they would find each other.”

The article quotes from the book Indefensible: The Missing Truth About Steven Avery, Teresa Halbach And Making A Murderer written by Michael Griesbach. Griesbach is a Wisconsin prosecutor who helped exonerate Avery after he spent 18 years in jail over the 1985 sexual assault of Penny Bernsteen. He has no doubt that Avery was innocent of that crime. But he’s convinced that Avery really is guilty of the murder of 2005 murder of Teresa Halbach, a 25-year-old photographer who disappeared after taking photos of a minivan on Avery’s property.

Griesbach wrote Indefensible after the first season of Making A Murderer aired. He said at the time that he felt the filmmakers “went overboard”.

Indefensible includes allegations made by Jodi Stachowski, Avery’s ex-girlfriend, who he moved in with after his release from prison. Griesbach claims Stachowski was forced to call the police on Avery after a string of violent incidents, including one occasion when Avery strangled her, making her lose consciousness, then later threatened to get a gun and kill her.


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The book also quotes from police reports saying that Avery’s fellow prison inmates claim he boasted that he wanted to rape and murder young women in a “torture chamber”.

The article in The Sun also quotes Ken Kratz, the lead prosecutor in Avery’s murder case and author of the book Avery: The Case Against Steven Avery And What Making A Murderer Gets Wrong. Kratz claims Avery’s 17-year-old niece accused him of raping her, a year before he murdered Halbach. Kratz says the girl made a statement to investigators, but later decided not to prosecute. Zellner has claimed the girl was coerced by investigators into making a statement.

Speaking to Mamamia, Avery’s lawyer Kathleen Zellner said: “There is no truth to these rumors and that is why when the prosecutor Ken Kratz tried to present these rumors at trial Judge Willis barred them as ‘having zero probative value’.

“The anti-Avery forces have mobilized to launch baseless attacks because they know that the appellate court is going to reverse Mr. Avery’s conviction because it is based on planted evidence and false testimony. Making a Murderer presented the evidence that Judge Willis allowed the jury to hear, not what he deemed inadmissible.”

With Avery’s case going back to the circuit court, we expect to be hearing a lot more about whether or not he really is a murderer.

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