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'Callum is the best thing about this year's I'm A Celebrity. There I said it.'

"Oranges are called oranges and they're orange!!"

Have you heard more beautiful prose?

This sentence was uttered by Callum Hole on Wednesday night's I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here and not since Joey Essex gatecrashed the Australian version of I'm A Celebrity has my himbo cup been so full.

Thanks to his childlike innocence, wholesome nature and overall lack of knowledge on basically everything, Callum is quickly becoming the breakout star of the reality show. But some may wonder: who the hell is this beautiful man who hasn't quite wrapped his head around the world around him?

Who is I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! contestant Callum Hole?

Callum is a personal trainer living in Brisbane who originally (in case you missed his charming accent) hails from Wales in the UK.

He rose to fame as the token Brit cast on season four of Love Island Australia, proving to be a popular islander for his charming Welsh accent and one-liners, and even finished in the runner-up position alongside his ex-partner Madeline Wilcox.

Then, in 2023, Callum was ready for round two, joining the Love Island Games, which brought together Love Island contestants from across the world. He once again found a following for his loveable personality and landed in third place with Deb Chubb.

Why Callum Hole has stolen the hearts of I'm A Celebrity fans. 

From the moment Callum genuinely asked Frankie Muniz whether tomatoes were available in the United States, I knew we had stumbled on someone very special.


The convo came up after the Malcolm in the Middle star revealed he had never eaten a tomato. "Do they not have them in America?" Callum quizzed with zero irony.

Ah yes, the incredibly niche tomato — you know, the basis of ketchup and not to mention most pizza and pasta sauces... probably hasn't made its way to this little country.


@imacelebrityau Can you believe Frankie Muniz has NEVER eaten a tomato? 🍅🤔 #ImACelebrityAU ♬ original sound - I'm A Celebrity AU

From here, Callum simply got better and better with each episode.

Look no further than a clip of Callum pondering the concept of... cousins. 

"I've never understood family trees," he told fellow contestant Khahn Ong. "I don't know how people become your cousin."

As Khahn explained the foundationary concept of aunties and uncles, Callum offered, "But then how do you find out who's your cousin???" Excellent question, Callum.

@imacelebrityau Callum is the gift that keeps on giving 😂 #ImACelebrityAU ♬ original sound - I'm A Celebrity AU

The conversation later turned to Callum's belief that petroleum was an element on the periodic table. After this was kindly corrected by Khahn and fellow camp member Brittany Hockley, Callum sheepishly frolicked off to brush his teeth.

Perfect man, no notes.

Callum also learned that butterflies begin their lives as caterpillars, and that 'paleontologists' and 'photosynthesis' were not the same word.

@imacelebrityau Photosynthesis (Paleontologist): noun. a scientist who specialises in the study of fossils 🦴 #ImACelebrityAU ♬ original sound - I'm A Celebrity AU

My personal favourite Callum moment, though, was his touching soliloquy about his distaste for gherkins.


"I don't like the look of 'em, I don't like the smell of 'em," he ranted to no one in particular. "If there was a testicle there and a gherkin, I'm scoffing testicles."

The personal trainer went on to proclaim that most people don't even like the pickled vegetable, proven by the fact that the gherkin section isn't as big as the cereal aisle, which must mean they're falling out of favour.

@imacelebrityau What did pickles ever do to Callum 😤 #ImACelebrityAU ♬ original sound - I'm A Celebrity AU

I won't argue with this logic. The man is a visionary.

Then there was the time he believed he had been attacked by a vicious leopard in the dark of night when a night-vision camera would show that it was actually a rather small jungle cat. Easy mistake to make!

@imacelebrityau There's a "leopard" in camp! 🐆 #ImACelebrityAU 7.30 Tonight on @channel10_au ♬ original sound - I'm A Celebrity AU

As if this man couldn't be more perfect, he even battled a tick infestation inside his own head. Upon discovering two scabs on his noggin, he surmised that it must have been from two ticks burrowing their way into his brain, and that the alleged pair on bugs were "maybe brothers???".

"I've had two tick brothers in me head all night!!!" Callum shouted in a confessional.

I'm actually crying.

I think about this sentence at least once every hour and I can't stop laughing each and every time. If loving Callum Hole is wrong, I don't want to be right.

Feature image: Ten. 

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