Frankie Muniz shared the food he's never tried on I'm A Celeb. The internet lost it.

Tomayto, tomahto, it all tastes the same no matter how you say it.

Well... to us anyway, not Frankie Muniz, because somehow he's managed to go through life without ever eating one.

 Watch: Frankie Muniz did not lose his memory. Post continues below.

Video via Steve-O's Wild Ride.

And look, we get it. Tomatoes aren't exactly a delicacy, and it's definitely not the kind of vegetable (or fruit?) you snack on throughout the day.

But to have never even tried it? Considering it's in most meals? Our question is, HOW?

It was one of the actor's first major confessions upon entering the jungle for I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! and listen, if this is the type of tea he's willing to drop we're not complaining.

"I have never had a tomato ever in my whole life," he said on Monday's night episode.

And it didn't end there. 


The Malcolm in the Middle star has not only managed to avoid tomatoes, but he has also never had a single strawberry.

Look, we've been subjected to a lot of strange reality TV moments over the years, however this!? This takes the cake.

Of course, social media had A LOT to say, with Twitter going into a total meltdown after learning Muniz has been deprived of tomatoes and strawberries his entire life. 


Even his fellow celebs couldn't quite wrap their head around it, with Callum Holle calling him a "psycho" and asking if tomatoes are available in America (despite being invented there, but moving on).

"My head was scrambled, I didn't know what to say," he said.

And same Callum. Same.

Well, at least picky eaters around the world are getting some form of representation.

Feature Image: Network Ten.

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